Entire Stadium Is Left Stunned When Meat Loaf Performs "Star-Spangled Banner"

We found this old video and had to share it with you just in case you missed this legendary performance! Over 20 years ago, at the 65th MLB All-Star Game, the audience was treated to the most incredible performance! 


Meat Loaf, a Grammy-Award winning artist, took the stage accompanied by the 1994-1995 Penn State ROTC Color Guard. He delivered the most breathtaking performance. So much so that to this day it is still considered one of the best renditions of "Star-Spangled Banner" ever! 


His rendition left the stadium speechless and many in tears after his voice finished echoing throughout Three Rivers Stadium. 

Those in attendance still remember the iconic performance to this day and say it was the highlight of the whole day! While we could not all be there, we can relive the experience by watching this video! 


How incredible was that? 


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