Energetic Baby Rhino Adorably Runs In Circles Around Her Watchful Mom

Sep 16, 2020 by apost team

Animal babies look adorable whether they are sleeping, eating, or playing. Calves are especially playful and the internet cannot seem to get enough of this energetic baby rhino running around its mom. The internet is awash with photos and videos of animals doing adorable things, but baby rhinoceros do not get the attention they deserve though they are also as adorable as all other animal babies.

Adult rhinos are not exactly “cute”, but that is no reason to ignore their babies. The babies are cute and they also do adorable things as one calf showed in Auckland Zoo.

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A video of a baby rhino From August 2020 has recently made the rounds. A little Southern white rhino calf is running around its mother joyously and energetically as the mother quietly eats hay placed at the center of the field. The mother doesn’t seem bothered by the calf as she runs and dances, and mama just continues to chow down the hay. Jamila, the mother, seems confident that nothing will happen to her little girl as she lets her run in circles without any noticeable worry. She is like a human mom allowing her baby to jump around.


The baby rhino is no ordinary baby. She is the first Southern white rhino to be born in the Auckland Zoo for the past 20 years, according to the Zoo's website. She is a success from the efforts of the Australasian Breeding Program. She is the daughter of Jamila and Zambezi, parents who just had their first calf. The birth of the baby was a huge event and everyone was happy, especially those running the breeding program. She first appeared on the Zoo’s Instagram account where they announced her arrival and expressed their joy.

At birth, she weighed 65 kilograms. Jamila delivered her after one hour of labor after waiting for 16 months to give birth to her. Because the zoo staff was also waiting for birth, they applied advanced technology to monitor Jamila and the developing fetus and to guarantee safe pregnancy and delivery. Every hour of every day, the staff monitored Jamila’s condition, and this contributed to the safe delivery.

Jamila was not always in the Auckland Zoo. She moved to the zoo in late 2018 as the team from Auckland wanted to breed her with Zambezi in an attempt to propagate the Southern white rhino species. In the video, the calf is only a few weeks old and she is already energetic enough to show her running prowess by running around her mom in a joyous manner. The video, which appeared on the Zoo’s Instagram account, has received numerous likes and comments and shows the happy nature of the calf and her mother.

Jamila does nothing in the video, but eat hay as the baby has fun and jumps up and around. The number of rhinos in the world has gone low. The white rhinos might be the least endangered of all the rhinos, but they also need help or they might go extinct. There are only about 18,000 white rhinos in the world, and the number continues to decrease.

Programs such as the Australasian Breeding Program are working to help increase the numbers of the rhinos. The birth of this baby rhino is a show that the efforts to increase the rhinoceros numbers are bearing fruits.

The Auckland Zoo protects the rhino and other animals that may be endangered. These animals eat and stay at the zoo. Jamila had a successful delivery, and the zoo staff is happy and they now want to try that with more animals in a bid to help animals increase. What do you think of this adorable little rhino? Let us know in the comments! Don't forget to pass it on to a friend. 

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