Endangered Animals Perform 'I Dreamed A Dream' In Heartbreaking Animation

Climate change and other social issues that bring death, endangerment and extinction to animals are always hot yet controversial topics in the media. Although scientists have pressed the issue that we need to change our habits in order to save wildlife, not everyone is convinced

Those working hard to save animals from extinction always do their best to find creative ways to convince the public that it’s time we take action to save our planet.

One of the most effective methods to date has been an animated video that features a powerful track from ‘Les Miserables.’ 


In the video, four animals that are classified as endangered belt out lyrics about their impending fate as the actions of humans brings them closer and closer to extinction.

Zombie Studios created this animated video, simply titled ‘Dream,’ and premiered it at the Wildlife Conservation Film Festival.

The video features four species of animals that are critically endangered singing along to the song ‘I Dreamed A Dream’ as they detail the story about their lives and the destruction that has reigned upon them due to the lives of humans. Obviously, this message is heartbreaking but vital for many people to hear.

The film begins by introducing the animals, which include a rhino, a seal, a whale, and a pelican talking about how their lives once used to be great. But then the song takes a darker turn, talking about controversial topics such as poaching and pollution of the earth.

This video perfectly showcases one of the most hard-hitting songs in musical history and combined with the animations of the animals, it’s sure to make anyone think twice about what destruction we’ve caused to the planet and the animals that live here with us.

The animals reflect through the video on happier times and look at how their lives are now due to climate change and other social issues that have caused their untimely demise.

Although this video premiered back in 2016, it’s all more relevant than ever as the years go by and conditions for wildlife do not improve. It’s a video that you have to see for yourself to understand the full message, so you can watch it below.

What do you think about ‘Dream?’ Hopefully, this message spreads even further and we work together to save these endangered species before it is too late. Don't forget to pass this video along to your friends and family to spread the important message.