Emotional Moment 53-year-old-son With Down Syndrome Is Reunited With His 88-Year-Old Father Following A Week Long Trip

A Son and his father are reunited at the airport after a week long trip. This video shows the amazing encounter as they see each other again.


This heart-touching video shows what true love between a father and his son truly looks like.


Matt Cobrink suffers from Down Syndrome which is caused by a genetic deformity of the chromosomes. He and his father Malcolm live in a modest home in Los Angeles, California. Matt hasn't left his father's side in over 25 years since his late mother passed away.


Matt is 53 years old and has spent his whole life under the care his now 83 year old father. The two parted ways so that Matt could realize his dream of meeting Aaron Judge despite being so attached and reliant on each other's company. The seemingly inseparable pair are huge fans of Judge who plays for the New York Yankees.

Matt's trip to New York City certainly came at an emotional price for the dedicated son. You can see the passion and sadness in his expression as he rushes to meet his dear dad. Malcolm has given every ounce of passion he has to raise Matt.

Through their dependency on each other's companionship, they have built a bond stronger than your average family. It's plain and clear that Malcolm's love for his son is unmatched by today's standards.

Matt's Sister Marcy made sure to plan ahead of time and catch this moment for the whole world to share in the love that these two outstanding gentleman have for one another. He quickly runs down the escalator turning violently and swiftly to embrace his father once again.

Get ready to have your heart-strings pulled.

Do you know a father and son who have love for each other like these two? Are you close to someone who is special like Matt? Show your friends what love really looks like with this heartwarming video.