Emotional Man Is Worried Dog Won't Remember Him During Reunion After Seven Months Apart

Aug 15, 2020 by apost team

Seven months is a long time. Would a lost dog remember her or his owner after being away for seven months? This is the story of Dora, a German shepherd from Texas, who got lost in 2012 but who was finally reunited with her owner. Her reaction at being reunited has taken the internet by storm.

Dora Is Not A Fan Of Fireworks

On the Fourth of July, Americans love to light up fireworks. Listening to the loud bang and seeing the lights up in the sky is a great ending to a day of BBQs, family fun, and celebrating America's birthday.

It is no secret, however, that dog owners are usually no fans of fireworks. This is the worst day of the year for anyone who owns a dog, or anyone who suffers from PTSD. That is because dogs have sensitive ears. Most of all, they don't understand what all of that banging means. They hear the loud sound of fireworks and they are terrified. German Shepherd Dora is one of those terrified dogs. She, clearly, is not a fan of fireworks.


Dora The German Shepherd Runs Away

As Collin County reported, in July 2012, right there around the fourth, Dora the German Shepherd was frightened by the loud firecrackers and other celebratory paraphernalia.This frightened her so much that she jumped over the fence of her Frisco, Texas home. She ran off. Dora must have run pretty far away, as she didn't return. Everybody assumed that she must have got lost.

Her worried family searched everywhere for her. They spent all of their time searching, but they had no luck finding her. They didn't give up looking, but they gave up hope. She was no where to be found. It was months now. They had to face reality and that would be without Dora. This was devastating.

From Heartbroken To Ecstatic

Understandably, the family was heartbroken. They did everything they could to find Dora. It was now seven months. Then, their luck changed. Someone called the family. They found Dora's family because the German Shepherd was microchipped.

Turns out, Dora had been living on the streets. She was considered a stray. Dora had lost her family and now she was fending on her own. Eventually, someone got Dora to an animal rescue center. There, they immediately checked if she was chipped. She was. Then, the people at Collin County Animal Shelter were happy to speak to Dora's family.

This is a small miracle. Less than 20 percent of all stray dogs are reunited back with their families. Some dogs are not chipped. Sometimes the family information changes on the microchip and they cannot reach the family. A CCAS employee called Dora's family and gave them the good news. She was found in McKinney, Texas. The family was thrilled. This was a miracle.

The Tearful Reunion

Dora's dad arrived to the shelter. He had Dora's leash along with him. But this human dad was concerned that his furbaby might not remember him after seven months. He was genuinely concerned.

As in the emotional video, Dora came out. She was hesitant. Who is this guy? He let her sniff his hand. Would Dora remember him after seven months? Although no words were spoken, the air was electric with what had transpired for the past seven months. He sat next to her and gently stroked her face and ears.

Dora did not understand how she wound up a stray, looking for scraps of food on the street. The pain in her eyes was real. Her loving dad's face was full of emotion as they looked at each other. He understood what she was telling him. This was an emotional and happy moment all at the same time.

This is the emotional story of Dora the German Shepherd. She was frightened by fireworks, but seven months later, she had an emotional reunion with her beloved owner. Show this story to your animal-loving friends.