Emotional Groom Starts Crying As Guests Suddenly Sing 'Stand By Me'

Jul 28, 2020 by apost team

In 2019, an Irish couple, Shane and Rachel McNally, was brought to tears after family members and friends shocked them with an amazing performance of Stand By Me at their wedding.

Weddings are always a time to tear up, whether you are a guest, part of the wedding party, or even the actual bride or groom. There is something special when it comes to two people pledging to love and cherish another for the rest of their lives.

While it is normally the bride and groom that have all of the say when it comes to the music, one Irish couple was moved to happy tears when their friends and family took it upon themselves to provide some extra vocals.


Shane and Rachel McNally are the lucky couple who were married in the town of Carrickmacross, Co Monaghan at St. Joseph's Church, as Irish Central reports. Friends and family of the bride and the groom couldn't wait to surprise the two with their unique rendition of the hit song, Stand By Me.

The couple was caught completely unaware of what was about to happen. Hannah O'Brien, a friend of the couple, spent many weeks before the big day coaxing all of the friends and family members who were attending the wedding to join in on the song. Rachel's father even joined the secret rehearsals in order to surprise the happy couple.

According to The Sun, Hannah is also a member of a female vocal harmonic group known as Starling Blue. Since all of the members were planning to attend the ceremony, Hannah knew that they had a golden opportunity to plan something amazing.

For the last five weeks leading up to the ceremony, Hannah held secret practice meetings. Starling Blue was on hand to teach melodies and harmonies. The wonderful video shows a large number of guests standing up in their seats and singing as the couple sit and watch in awe. They eventually head to the altar and continue singing as Rachel and Shane brush away tears. 

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