Emaciated Dog Covered In Ticks Was Close To Death Before Samaritan Found Her, Says Shelter

A dog who was near death was found recently in Fresno County, California by a good Samaritan. The dog was anemic and severely emaciated. It is certain he would have not lived much longer if not found.

The animal shelter Friends of Orange Cove are asking citizens to be a voice for endangered animals who cannot speak for themselves. The California shelter says all it takes is a phone call if you see an animal in need of help or rescue. "If you see something, please say something!"

The person that found this dog made a call to the shelter about a dog who was too weak to move and covered with ticks and fleas.

After shelter staff retrieved the dog, she was then taken to the Valley Oak Society in Visalia, California. The society is dedicated to the prevention of cruelty to animals and was charged with overseeing the medical care of the rescued dog.


Valley Oak staff explained the dog was mere hours away from losing her life. The severe anemia was a result of the thousands of ticks that attacked her body.

The dog's gums were white due to the loss of blood from tick bites.

The good Samaritan that found the dog did so in a nick of time. Valley Oak Staff said the phone call is the only reason the dog is still alive. Officials for the shelter thanked the good Samaritan and urged more citizens to follow this example.

Staff members of Valley Oak worked the entire first night with the dog to save her life. They cleaned wounds on her body that were infested with maggots and worked to rid her of the fleas and ticks that were causing the problem.

The next day staff members were both shocked and happy to see the dog was already feeling strong enough to wag her tail when she saw them.

The dog has not yet been given a name and is still in some danger. Staff members are concentrating on helping the dog gain more weight and will take blood work to determine what other medical care the dog may need. They are optimistic, however, that the worst moments for the dog is behind her.

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