Elyse Keaton From ‘Family Ties’ Still Looks Great At 73

Oct 03, 2020 by apost team

Meredith Baxter, 73, well-known for her role as Elyse Keaton in NBC's TV show Family Ties, was no stranger to the film industry, having grown up with a family in the business. Though time has passed since the shows that made her famous aired, Baxter seems like the happiest she has ever been and has opened up about the journey she went on to get there.

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Baxter was born in South Pasadena, California, in 1947, according to IMDB. Her mom was an actress turned director/producer and her dad was a radio announcer. She rose to fame in 1982, when she landed the role of Elyse Keaton in the sitcom Family Ties, which aired for seven seasons on NBC.

Baxter has been married a total of four times and has five children. She had two children with her first husband, Robert Lewis Bush, who she married in 1966. After her divorce, she married David Birney. The couple had three children together. Sometime after that relationship ended, she married actor and screenwriter Michael Blodgett, but they divorced in 2000.


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It took the turbulence experienced in her lifetime to have the courage to be true to herself, and in 2009 she came out as a lesbian. She decided to tell the world herself, first to People magazine, and then to Matt Lauer on Today.

Baxter told The New York Times, "It was horrifying. I was sitting opposite Matt and looking out the window at all the fans waving at me. I’m waving back and thinking, 'You’re waving now, but you’re not going to be so happy when you hear this.'" However, Baxter was met with huge appreciation and support from her fans.

Baxter married her longtime partner Nancy Locke, 65, in a 1930s Spanish hacienda in Topanga, Calif. The way the couple met could truly be a scene from a Hollywood romcom. Locke was put in touch with Baxter by a friend.

For five months the pair spoke on the phone. "I unloaded on her and she knew everything about me," Locke told The New York Times. "She knew nothing about me. My role was that of a listener," said Baxter. Eventually, the pair decided to meet, and after some ups and downs, they realized their connection was deeper than just a friendship.

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During their ceremony, the couple turned to address each other. Locke said, "I’m amazed to find you at this late stage of my life." Baxter said, "I’m so grateful you didn’t show up in my life until I was able to be as open and honest as you are."

This incredible tale of career and personal triumph is an inspiration to us all, and we look forward to seeing what the next chapter of Meredith Baxter's life will hold.

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