Elvis Sings To God In 1972 Christian Hymn Performance

On April 9, 1972, in Hampton Roads, Virginia, Elvis Presley gave a performance that held his audience spellbound while singing one of his most fabulous gospel favorites, "How Great Thou Art." His heart and soul was poured out on stage as it seemed like he was singing to God with no one else around. That could be the only explanation as to why it left the crowd with chills.

It does not matter how far a soul may be from religion, with the combination of the words and the King's voice, it touched the soul of everyone who witnessed the performance that night. Elvis was a man with a strong faith and a big gospel music background from his childhood years.

Before Elvis began performing, he was raised with the genres of gospel, bluegrass, country, and rhythm and blues, reports Culture Trip. He took what he learned in music growing up and put it all together into what became known as rockabilly. When the rhythm and blues were mixed with the rockabilly sound, it eventually became known as rock and roll.


Elvis performed within three decades of music and had a mindblowing career over the last 20 years of his life. Yet he always remained faithful to his roots throughout his entire career. Elvis was a real fan of music himself, and nearly always gave everything he had on stage. For him, it was probably an out of body experience to perform.

In November of 1960, Presley put out his first gospel album, "His Hand In Mine." The album was completed within a 14-hour session. Elvis had his famous background quartet with him on the album, The Jordanaires, who played with him for many years of his early career. The Jordanaires also had their own gospel music apart from Elvis. It was a long-awaited arrival the day the album was released, and it sold millions of copies.

Back to that performance of "How Great Thou Art" in 1972: it showed the world who the real Elvis Presley was. Another reason the song was so powerful that night might have been that it was following Easter Sunday. The crowd was visibly moved by the facial expression Elvis had while performing the song. They said a person would have to see it to believe it.

During the midpoint of the song, one camera out of three captured a glimpse of Elvis' expression as he poured his soul out for God. Those who saw the video say a peacefulness came over him. The power of the performance was behind the words Elvis believed in all his life. For him, it was like he was praying in a song.

There was only one Elvis Presley in this world. Those who were able to see him perform live can say they were blessed. If you appreciate this article, let us know your thoughts.