Elvis Presley's Grandson Is An Adult Now And He Looks Just Like The King Himself

Elvis Presley's daughter, Lisa Marie, was nine when her father passed away. He never had the chance to meet any of his grandchildren. If he had, he would have been happy to know that he has a grandson that looks just like him.

Since Lisa Marie spent most of her years in the limelight, she decided that her children would be raised in a completely different manner. She didn't want them living under the pressure of what the public thought.


We have occasionally seen some photos of Lisa Marie's children from the paparazzi, while they were accompanying their mom or other family members at outings. But usually, the children weren't in the spotlight. So it wasn't very clear what they actually looked like.

A few years later, Danielle, who is actually called Riley, and Benjamin started to make appearances in public.

Riley pursued a theater career and has been seen in many blockbuster films such as The Girlfriend Experience, Mad Max, and Magic Mike. Riley, at only 28, even received a Golden Globe nomination.

Benjamin has been working in the music field. He has even signed a $5 million record deal. The funny thing is that his music isn't the only thing that is catching the attention of people. He eerily looks just like his late grandfather, Elvis.

Liaison/Getty Images

He didn't inherit the dark hair that Elvis had but he definitely has the baby blue eyes and the famous pout. His mother even admits that sometimes it shocks her how much he reminds her of her father. She stated that it can be overwhelming at times.

Elvis's genes have definitely been passed on. They must be some strong genes too. Who would've thought that he would be almost reincarnated in his grandson? 

Benjamin tries to stay out of the limelight while working behind the scenes. His music is something we will all be waiting to hear. You have to wonder if his voice will sound anything like his grandfather's or if it'll be completely different.

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