Elvis Presley Singing "How Great Thou Art" During 1977 Performance

There's a magical quality about vintage footage of our favorite musical legends. Whenever we hear a voice from decades past lifted up in song, we hush up to listen. It reminds us that life was simpler, once upon a time. One such wonderful recording of an Elvis performance offers a special look back at the King.

We wonder what our grandparents were doing in the time when these songs were popular. What did Grandma look like? Did Grandpa like to dance? These are things we don't normally think about, but vintage has that effect on us.


Here's an example of old footage that'll make you nostalgic. Watch this video of Elvis Presley singing How Great Thou Art in 1977, during one of his last concert tours. This footage was discovered recently, and it caused a frenzy among his fans of all ages.

If you didn't know he sang worship music, it's true; he covered dozens of Gospel songs. Thanks to the recordings he left behind, we can sing along with him. He recorded covers of favorites like Amazing Grace, He Touched Me (Presley won his second Grammy award for this cover), and Stand By Me.

Old footage already has the melancholy character of being filmed long ago. When the footage in question is a beloved worship song, your soul really stops to listen. Though Gospel was not the genre that made him most famous, Elvis was a believer. His haunting voice makes these church hymns all the more powerful. It reminds us that, even if they don't speak about their religion, our favorite artists believe in something. Humans cannot live in a world where there is nothing to hope on.

One thing is for certain, this world could use a healthy dose of hope. Everybody is struggling against the pandemic in their own way; it's easy to forget that things can, and will, improve. Spirituality helps many people keep their heads above the water. When in the form of music, it touches us particularly deeply.

Elvis might not have imagined our current situation when he recorded these worship tracks in the 70s, but we dare say it'll give you the pick-me-up you need. There's still light in the universe, and there always has been. Pass this  on to someone who needs light!