Elephants Boogie As They Hear Woman Playing Violin

Sep 16, 2020 by apost team

These two friendly elephants in Wisconsin showed their dancing prowess in 2014 when they danced to a violin, turning to be among the most popular animals on YouTube.

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Dancing gives joy to most people, and it seems to come naturally when music plays. It also comes naturally to animals as seen in the case of two elephants in Wisconsin. The elephants seem to love music, and dancing, to them, is a natural thing.

The video of these two elephants appeared on YouTube when Eleanor Bartsch shared the video in 2014. It is a cute video showing the two elephants, Kelly and Viola, making some serious moves to the sound of the violin. Instantly, the video went viral and has garnered more than four million views. The video shows Bartsch preparing for her performance at the Circus World Museum in Baraboo, Wisconsin.


Instead of playing inside, Bartsch decided to take her music outside where the elephants grazed. Kelly and Viola were 44 and 45 years old respectively during the time, according to the video description. Kelly and Viola have spent a huge part of their lives together, and their closeness can be seen as they dance. On that particular day, the two were so friendly.

When Bartsch started playing her violin, Kelly and Viola were all ears. Standing next to each other, the two animals started swaying to the rhythm of the music. Their eyes flapped up and down as their trunks moved in unison. They seem to enjoy the music each moment, and the bond they have seem to grow with each dance move.

Elephants’ trunks have so much power and so many functions. WWF-UK notes that the trunks hold 150,000 muscle units. Elephants use the trunks to suck up to eight liters of water at the watering hole. The animals also use their trunks like snorkels when they swim. Now the trunks have a newly found function, dancing. Kelly and Viola do the dance beautifully that one is left wondering what else elephants can do.

According to WWF-UK, elephants communicate through vibrations. This makes sense seeing how the animals responded to the violin. The animals can communicate through trumpet calls, scents, body language, and touch.

They may also use seismic signals, which their bones detect. Besides all these means of communication, the elephants must also be using music to communicate, and Bach has a nice way to bring out the best in them.

As Barsch played, the elephants kept their heads up all the time and that was so adorable. As Barsch plays, she turns to the camera to show her excitement and the beauty of the dance. Barsch is happy that the elephants are happy. She is full of laughter after the video, and that shows all over. The elephants seem to have the same connection Barsch has with her violin.

As the music almost comes to an end, the elephants stop and look towards one side and start playing with their trunks may be as a way to celebrate the good times they have had. After the warm up, Barsch goes back happy and ready, and the elephants continue doing what they do every day. The elephants like Barsch. On YouTube, they have received more than 1,700 comments.

Most of the commenters say the elephants look adorable while others say that Barsch should perform for the elephants and other animals in the wilderness often. Elephants are gentle animals, and dancing is a way of showing their friendliness.

Given that the elephants communicate through low-frequency sound, how do you think they would respond to a cello or a bass guitar or any other larger instrument? Won’t they have a time of their life, or just be cute for another popular video? Let us know your thoughts in the comments and be sure to pass this along!

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