Elderly Woman Living In Hospice Was Happy After Getting One Last Chance To See A Horse

Nov 23, 2023 by apost team

Animals are great friends in life as they give unexplainable joy and emotional help to those people around them, so when a person is ill and is expected to pass away soon, many want to see their beloved animal companion one last time.

This is what happened to an elderly woman, Jackie Stalter, who unfortunately got diagnosed with multiple myeloma, a type of blood cancer that develops from plasma cells in the bone marrow of a person, and kidney failure.

Ever since she became ill, her family decided to move her into a hospice so health professionals could look after her and make sure she was getting the medical attention she needed. Even though her loved ones surrounded her, there seemed to be something missing—horses, which had become a big part of her life.

Stalter spoke in an interview with 9News posted on the network’s YouTube channel in November 2023. In the conversation, the old lady described horses like people, as she explained: “they love the way people love, they care the way people care.”

It seemed like the old lady was correct because, according to an article published by the Deer Creek Structures in 2015, horses are some of the most loyal animals people could ever meet.

One of the reasons why they are great companions is because they have a good memory, and most of them would remember a person they interacted with for a very long time.

The outlet noted that when people treat horses in a positive way, they would also do the same in return.

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A chaplain who was working for the Advent Health Porter Hospice did their best to speak with people who could help them get a horse to give Stalter one last chance to bond with one, and fortunately, Praying Hands Ranch came to the rescue.

The ranch brought a brown horse, and on the day that the two met, the old woman said: “If I could. I’d get on him.”

It seemed like Stalter had a natural connection with horses because the animal didn’t cause any fuss when it walked towards her, and she greeted the mare with a sweet “oh baby.”

In the video, Stalter could be seen sitting in a wheelchair as her daughter, visibly emotional, sat beside her, acknowledging the significance of this moment.

“This is probably the last time she’ll get to see a horse, and so that’s really special that we were able to share that with her,” the daughter said.

Stalter’s kid further explained that arranging a meetup with a horse was something that she had been trying to do for her mother since she got sick.

“It just really shows my family that there are kind people out there that care for more than just themselves and like to see other people happy,” the daughter said of the Praying Hands Ranch’s efforts. 

Later in the clip, Stalter, who first rode a horse when she was three years old, was pushed along the path as the animal walked with her, and she appeared to be very happy with their interaction.

“I’m excited to see any horse. Any time I can touch a horse is a gift,” she said


What do you think of this elderly woman’s unbreakable bond with horses? Do you have a pet that you consider special and relate to on an emotional level? We’d love to hear your thoughts on this touching story, and make sure to pass this on to your friends and family.

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