Elderly Woman Lives In Beautiful Tiny Home Which Is Accessible For Seniors

Dec 02, 2021 by apost team

As we get older, we start to lose our mobility and can become less agile. This can make falling an enormous risk, as it can result in broken bones and other serious issues. And yet, nobody wants to lose their sense of independence, so one woman came up with a great solution for her mother.

Ferne’s mother, Merle, is getting to an age where falling has become a concern, and getting around takes a little more effort in general. For this reason, they did not want to buy a separate house for Merle when she decided to move closer to her family in Victoria, Australia.

The solution was for Ferne to build her mother a custom and accessible tiny home that could stay on her property. The great thing is that the home can be disassembled and put back together in a day should Merle decide she wants to move.

The home is free of fall risks like door frames and has ramps that lead up to the house. There are wide entrances to doorways, and even the countertops in their kitchen have been lowered to be a more accessible height for Merle. 

This is not the first tiny house that Ferne has built, so she knew a lot about the project going into it. Ferne has a business called Tiny Footprint, which makes customized tiny homes for interested buyers. Tiny homes have become very popular in recent years, and her experience really helped her make a perfect and safe home for her mom.  

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Ferne and Merle live on a beautiful farm with kangaroos and bunnies that come up close to the houses and visit with the family. The scenery is idyllic and a fantastic place to live a peaceful life surrounded by nature. Merle also loves being so close to her family while still maintaining her independence. This tiny home has been a dream come true for everyone.

Ferne’s mother says that she is not getting old; she is just at a more “mature age” that requires a bit more preparation and planning when it comes to safety. The tiny home was built with reinforced walls so railings and handholds could be placed in areas where Merle needs a little more stability. There are also many hidden and built-in places for storage that make the tiny home just as convenient — if not more — as a full-size house.

The stunning home also features a large porch that gives a great view of the surrounding yard and animals that come up to visit. There are raised garden beds beside the porch so Merle can tend to her garden with ease. Inside, there are heated floors, and the bed lifts up at the push of a button if Merle needs some extra space. The blinds are also button operated to avoid the difficult task of lifting or pulling at curtains.

Completely free of trip hazards and with some special features that make day-to-day tasks require less effort, this tiny home is exactly what Merle needs, and it is special that her daughter got to make it for her. 


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