Elderly Sisters In Their 90s Came Together To Support Their Ill Sibling & Became An 'Inspiration' To Young People

May 24, 2024 by apost team

Having siblings is one of the best feelings in the world because you can confide in them whenever you have problems, share secrets and cherish memories that you created throughout the years. This is why when a person is on their deathbed, the people they usually ask to be by their side are their family members.

This is what happened to a grandmother who was told she only had less than a week to live, so her sisters came to be by her side and immediately took care of her.

An article published in 2018 shared the heartwarming story of the 97-year-old woman. Her doctors said she only had a few days of survival before passing away so her three siblings, who were also in their 90s at the time, flew from different places and came together to show their support to the dying woman.

Fortunately, at the time when the article was shared, the woman went on to live for four more months despite what the doctors had previously declared to her, and this only proved that family love is one of the best things when someone is sick.

In a separate video shared on social media by NTD Australia in 2018, the old woman could be seen lying in her hospital bed as two of her sisters did their best to entertain her and make her feel beautiful.

The woman, who wore a pink cardigan and a blue dress, could be seen brushing her sister’s hair as another sibling helped them.

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The clip was full of love and happiness as the three women laughed and continued to smile throughout the video.

The person who wrote the article, who appeared to be related to the old woman in the clip, mentioned that her grandmother’s bond with her sisters inspired her to become committed to her love for her siblings.

“These sisters are in the longest relationship of their lives, longer than their time with their parents and longer than their time married to their spouses. They are an inspiration to my four sisters and I. They are the reason we have committed to love each other with a contagious love,” she wrote

The writer noted that when a spouse dies, their other half could pass away not long after, but she mentioned that her grandma continued to live for more than two decades despite being a widow, and she believed that the love from her sisters was one of the contributing factors of her living a long life.

“She became a widow over twenty two years ago, yet the affection of her sisters gave her a reason to be alive and active,” the article read.

The video also amassed hundreds of comments from online users who were inspired by these lovely women.

“How beautiful is this they have seats in Heaven, looking after one another isn't that what God tells us to do,” one commented.

“Made me cry too❤️I’m the eldest of four girls...my hair will need some serious care girls ..❤️💕💕💕💕,” another one wrote.

“She is very blessed to have a sisters like this , God blessed them 😍,” one wrote.


What do you think of these lovely women’s bond and love for each other? Would you do the same for your siblings? Let us know your thoughts and make sure to pass this on to your friends and family.

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