Elderly Man Drives Mobility Scooter On High-Speed Freeway

Just a few days ago on May 10th, Bruce Bromley was driving down a busy road when he saw a 92-year-old man cruising down the same road on his electric scooter. Lucky for us, Bruce has a dashcam, so we get to see the whole thing!

The video was posted on the Dashcam Owners of Australia social media page and quickly gained over 400,000 views and 4,000 likes.


Bruce followed the daredevil with his hazards on, worried the guy would end up as roadkill if he didn't. The road, possibly Monash Freeway, was zoned at 100 km/hr and though it was only 2:30 in the afternoon, the traffic was still nothing to laugh at.

He tried to call to the old man. In the video, you can hear him say: "Move over! You're on the freeway! Move over! You're not supposed to be on the freeway."

"I just told him to try and pull over and he told me to f**k off," Bruce said in the video.

Bruce called the police and told them about the man he was tailing and that he was quite worried for him, especially regarding the current traffic, though apparently he was "just driving along quite happily," according to Bruce in the video.

An official vehicle pulled up behind the scooter shortly after Bruce got off the phone with the operator. The Daily Mail reports that police were able to bring the old thrill-seeker back to his family, who surely told him he should be riding roller coasters along safe tracks rather than his scooter down a 100km/hr speed zoned road!

You can watch the incident in the video below:

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