Elderly Couple's Vigorous Dance Moves To 'Uptown Funk' Steal The Show

May 31, 2023 by apost team

When we think of getting older, many of us envision a scenario where we're bedridden, unable to enjoy social activities, or are still living in the memories we formed when we were younger. Of course, this is not true for everyone, as many people try to live the most fulfilling life for as long as possible.

One elderly couple proved that no matter what age you are, you should always take the opportunity to dance with your loved ones. The Texas-based duo showed an astonished crowd that not only is getting older fun, but it's something that we don't have to fear!

This husband and wife phenom decided to head into a restaurant while vacationing in Canada in 2016. The duo was visiting Cape Breton. Hearing the smooth sound of Nova Scotia musician  Keith Mullins, who put the video on YouTube, they were naturally drawn into the establishment, where patrons were enjoying a meal while taking in some live music. It wasn't until Mullins began playing an acoustic version of Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson’s "Uptown Funk" that things became interesting!

While Bruno Mars excels at drawing the attention of younger crowds, people normally don't associate his music with the older generations. This couple decided to defy all prejudice and popped up out of their seats. The duo could be seen smiling ear to ear while dancing around the room. The captivated audience was in total shock and awe to see this loving couple not only embrace modern music but get down and dance with the best of them!

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Mullins uploaded the heartfelt video to YouTube in August 2016. In the description, he explained how he was the “one man band” in the background, playing kick drum, tambourine, harmonica and guitar, all while also singing “Uptown Funk” by Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson.

Several people took to the video’s comment section to share the joy they felt when they watched the clip. One person commented, “I ADORE THIS COUPLE!!” Another said, “This video has Made My Day/Life! This couple is not only an inspiration but they're AWESOME!”

More people expressed how they hoped they would be able to groove like the married couple in the video when they got older as well. One person said, “OMG....I love this couple. Hope this is me at their age!” Another shared, “Sooo cool!!! Gettin' down and bustin' a move!!! Never too old to 'hear that beat and have fun'!!! ❤️”

One person named Ellie Carpenter claimed to be the elderly couple’s grandchild and commented that the duo square dance every Thursday. Mullins replied, “Amazing Ellie, you tell them I said hi. The reason why so many people watched the video is because we all wish we could be more like them. I am grateful to have caught that moment!”

The popularity of this video made one thing abundantly clear: age does not define who we are or the actions we take on a daily basis. Many of us feel as though getting old is a process that no one enjoys. Instead, we should look at these moments as an opportunity to express ourselves and partake in actions that go against normal societal standards. Live life the way it was meant to be lived: impulsive and fun!


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