Eddie Murphy Shares Beautiful Dance With His Eldest Daughter On Her Wedding Day

Dec 02, 2022 by apost team

While parents equally love all their children, the kind of love a father has for his daughter is arguably unparalleled. That could be the reason why you have most probably met a so-called daddy’s girl at some point in your life. But no one can blame them as fathers often consider their daughters their precious little princesses. As for daughters, they may consider their fathers their number-one fans, but most especially their heroes. When the time comes for them to give the hands of their children in marriage, fathers are usually the ones who get the most emotional — and actor Eddie Murphy is no exception.

Murphy, 61, grew up in New York in the 1960s and has made people laugh with his comedic works in stand-up, television and movies for over 30 years. Murphy got his start on "Saturday Night Live" from 1980 to 1984. The sky was the limit for Murphy after that. He would go on to become a comedian, writer, producer and singer. His works include something for children and adults alike, ranging from titles such as "48 Hrs.," "Beverly Hills Cop," "Coming to America," "Doctor Dolittle" and "Shrek."

Murphy received a Golden Globe Award for his role in "Dreamgirls," in 2007. Aside from his professional success, Murphy is also a family man. In fact, he has 10 children and is a grandfather as well! As a grandfather, he wants to be called grandpa because he thinks it sounds nicer. 

Murphy had two children in 1989 as well as in 1990 from two different women. But in 1993, Murphy got married to Nicole Mitchell with whom he has five children. Unfortunately, Murphy and Mitchell got divorced in 2006. It was then that Murphy fathered another child with Spice Girl Melanie Brown.

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Eddie Murphy and daughter Bria (1991), (Ron Galella, Ltd./Ron Galella Collection via Getty Images)

Happily, Murphy then met the love of his life after turning 50. He and his long-term partner Paige Butcher, 42, have been together since 2012 and are in a loving and stable relationship. The couple shares two children, although Butcher also co-parents Murphy's other children.

With nearly a dozen children, Murphy's family has even grown to now include a family of its own, making the 61-year-old actor a grandfather. In reference to his ever-expanding family table, Murphy told People Magazine in 2021 that despite the numbers, he doesn't have a single child that he isn't proud of.

His children include Bria and Christian, 31, Miles, 29, Shayne, 27, Zola, 22, Bella, 20, Angel Iris, 15, Izzy Oona, 6, and 3½-year-old Max Charles. 

"I am so blessed with my kids," he said, speaking of his perhaps unconventionally large family. "I don't have one bad seed. I don't have any like 'Oh you are the one.' I don't have any of that. My kids are so great, normal people — and nobody is like the Hollywood jerk kid," he added, perhaps referencing the stereotype of the nepotism baby. "My kids are smart and are trying to do stuff. I am blessed with my kids. I really, really got lucky," Murphy beamed.

Formerly married to Murphy, Mitchell has been divorced from the actor for over a decade; however, they appear to be on good terms. They were married for 12 years and had five children together –– Bria, Miles, Shayne, Zola and Bella.

In an interview during his eldest daughter Bria’s art show in LA in 2022, Murphy shared how proud he is of her.

"I'm glad that people get to see how talented she is," Murphy said


Bria Murphy, Eddie Murphy (2011), (Jemal Countess/WireImage for Dark And Lovely)

"We've known for years how talented she is. It's exciting to see her stuff up on the walls … I'm having all of those proud parent feelings,” he added

In July 2022, Bria also tied the knot with her partner actor Michael Xavier in a private wedding ceremony.

When Murphy and Nicole got married, Bria served as the flower girl. It was an emotional moment as Ebony revealed that it was an intimate wedding ceremony. Murphy shared a special moment with his daughter that day as he picked her up and started walking down the aisle with her and his then-wife while Whitney Houston’s version of "I’m Every Woman" was playing in the background.

Murphy made sure to make his daughter’s special day one for the books as he walked her down the aisle on the day of her wedding. Without a doubt, it was a proud moment for him. 

Bria took to Instagram to share some of the most unforgettable moments captured during her wedding – including a video of her and Murphy dancing to Stevie Wonder’s "Isn’t She Lovely?"

“Daddy’s Girl Forever,” she wrote in the caption of her post.

Tears did not flow down Murphy's face while he danced with his daughter. Instead, he could be seen smiling and showing just how full his heart was seeing his daughter happy.

Nicole, on the other hand, shared a family photo on Instagram. "So full of love and happiness,” Nicole captioned her post.

Murphy's son, Eric, also penned a touching message for his sister Bria on her wedding day.  

“I am overwhelmed with joy celebrating my sister Bria, and her husband Michael’s wedding. I am so extremely happy for you both! Yesterday was such a beautiful day!” Eric wrote in his message.

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