Ed Sheeran Joins Forces With Andrea Bocelli For Fierce Performance Of 'Perfect Symphony'

Aug 03, 2020 by apost team

Music is one of those special things in life that moves our souls, and what's extra special is that no two singers are alike. Sometimes their styles are so different that they're incomparable, but that can often make for an extraordinary collaboration together.

That's what happened when singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran joined forces with Italian opera singer Andrea Bocelli, resulting in the duet "Perfect Symphony" –– and the song is exactly that, a perfect symphony of two incredible musicians.

An alternative version of Sheeran's immensely popular and successful song "Perfect", "Perfect Symphony" takes the same song structure and lyrics, and reworks them orchestrally to create a beautiful new iteration. The choice to duet with operatic legend Bocelli was genius and beautifully merged two vastly different musical artists to create one stunning song.

The official music video for "Perfect Symphony" not only fits the mood wonderfully, but it gives us a glimpse into the creative process that the two musicians undertook to record the track. Taking place in Tuscany, Italy in October 2017, the video starts with Sheeran and Bocelli walking into Bocelli's home, accompanied by what seems to be Bocelli's family and other friends. They walk through the house showing Sheeran the residence, as they pass through halls lined with personal photographs. The house is stunning and a perfect example of a Tuscan villa.


Soon the musicians get down to business in Bocelli's home studio. Ed appears to be running through some Italian lyrics before laughing when he fumbles them. The mood is friendly and relaxed –– a dream working environment. 

"Perfect Symphony" then begins with Sheeran's warm vocals. The song is so popular at this point that many of us already know the lyrics, but the orchestral backing music is not as familiar. It's beautiful and soft, and sets up the mood for Bocelli's operatic vocals, which he sings in Italian.

The song is stunning and an instant classic –– when two musicians of this caliber work together on an already incredible song, magic truly happens. Towards the end of the song the two men sing together, harmonizing, as Sheeran sings in Italian –– and does a very good job this time!

The ending of the video shows the closeness that the two have developed, with Sheeran stating: "Thank you so much man, it's exactly what I wanted," as he hugs and looks at Bocelli with warm eyes. Everybody in the studio is clapping together at the success of the project.

Alongside "Perfect Symphony", Sheeran has also recorded another version of the song with Beyoncé, titled "Perfect Duet". The various versions of the "Perfect" single are all excellent in their own unique way, thanks to the talents of the various artists Sheeran has chosen to work with.

Did you enjoy "Perfect Symphony"? Who else do you think Sheeran could collaborate on the song with? Let us know in the comments and be sure to pass on to any friends and family who are fans of Ed Sheeran and Andrea Bocelli!