Easy DIY Projects To Make Your Home Look Amazing, Without Breaking The Bank

Giving your house a facelift doesn’t have to be hard. Use these simple ideas as a springboard for easy DIY projects. These little changes are weekend projects that’ll make a big difference in looks without a huge difference to your wallet. 

Fancy Up Your Faucets

Want to update the look of your kitchen? A faucet is an often-overlooked way to jazz up your cooking space. While you can always go for a smarter faucet, try going for brass or copper to add a vintage accent.


Line Your Drawers, Line Your Shelves

Put a pleasant pop of color in your drawers to give you a smile when you open them. It’s great motivation for keeping them clean, too. Or try adding liners to the back of your bookshelves or display cabinets. You don’t have to keep your books in alphabetical order for it to look great. 

Cut Down Clutter

You might know the benefits of tidying up, but cutting down on what you have laying around will make a huge difference, too. Remember: less is more. 

Grab furniture to help you organize (it doesn’t have to be expensive). Focusing on one room at a time is a great rinse-and-repeat weekend project that’ll make every part of your house look better.

Revamp Your House Number

Whether it’s on your door or your curb, chances are you haven’t thought about your house number in a long time. Change that! You can pick up something cute or make/ paint it yourself.

Make A Backsplash

You don’t need to buy extra supplies to get your kitchen looking better. Some paint, tape, and patience (audiobooks, anyone?) will get you your own for a fraction of the price.

Touch up Your Shutters

A bit of attention to the outside never hurt anyone. Haven’t cleaned them in a while? A good scrub will get them sparkling. Painting your shutters will make your house look even better, and don’t forget the trim and front door if you’re feeling bold!

Switch Plates Don’t Have To Be Boring

Especially if you’ve got plain walls, spicing up your switch plates can make a world of difference. It’s up to you whether you want to use paint, shelf liners, or wallpaper - but no matter what you use, it’ll cheer up your room! 

Grab Some Stair Runners

There’s any number of ways to manage this colorful, quick project. Anything from off-shelf runners to rugs and staple guns can be used. Or pick up some paint and cute stencils! 

Grab A Kickplate For Your Door 

Quick and easy. A simple installation will give your house a retro look and save the bottom of your door from errant feet (and paws).

Swap Your Shades

Want to change up your dining room? Jazz up your living room? Get some new shades for your lamps or fixtures. Even a boring pot light can look exciting with a bit of creativity. Go full DIY-er with some mason jar lights, or whip out some paints for a new look to what you already have.

Get A Handle On Your Handles

Another quick, easy, and cheap idea to spice up your kitchen: swap out your cabinet handles. Make them catchy, colorful, or intricate - it’s up to you! And if you like the effect, start looking at doorknobs around the house for a similar facelift.

Try Your Hand At Reupholstering

Sounds intimidating, right? Wrong! Some scrap fabric, a staple gun, and a good tutorial go a long way with this project, and it’ll make your furniture look brand new. It’s cheap, it’s fun, and you’ll learn a lot in the process for next time.

Pick Up A Slipcover

Be practical and chic at the same time. Grabbing a slipcover for your couch will keep it safe from the wear and tear of everyday life, and make a colorful statement at the same time. You can pick one up, or DIY it from some fabric.

Trim Your Chairs

Nailhead trim is a vintage style that’s starting to see a resurgence. You don’t have to keep it to chairs, either! Ottomans, headboards, and couches are starting to sport this look too. Just start small.

See anything you like? Give these a try yourself, or have a friend join you for a bit of weekend fun. Have any other ideas? Pictures you’d like to share? We’d love to see them in the comments!