Eager Yellow Lab Can't Contain Happiness When Meeting New Baby Sister

Jun 29, 2020 by apost team

Dogs are often known for being patient, compassionate, and protective. That was definitely the case when Stella, the family's golden labrador, got to meet her new little sister, in this story from 2017.

Her parents brought their new child home during a winter snowstorm, appropriately named "Stella," knowing that their Stella would warm their hearts when she got to meet their newborn. Stella most certainly did not disappoint.

Upon returning home from the hospital, Stella's parents knew almost immediately that Stella would take kindly to the newest addition to their family. Stella knew almost immediately that something new and exciting was happening. As soon as her family approached the door, she was there, tail wagging and ready to greet her humans. Knowing that Stella was nothing but gentle, her owners let her outside to greet them.


Within a matter of seconds, Stella was greeting her new sister gently, but with tons of excitement. She stuck her head into the carrier, tail wagging, and gave the baby a small and gentle kiss. She was careful, of course—she didn't jump or nibble, but simply greeted this new, small human with all the affection she could possibly ask for. And clearly, her sister approved—she cracked a smile as Stella gently licked at her hands and face.

Shortly after, Stella's owners took her outside, where she was able to appropriately express some of her energy and excitement in the snow. She ran in circles, clearly overjoyed at her family being home and having brought along her new sister. Once playtime was over, they headed back inside, where the new baby lay in her carrier waiting for their return.

Stella made sure to take her job of lover and protector of her new sister very seriously. She made it her sworn duty to stay by the baby, occasionally checking on her and giving her kisses. Enthusiastic tail wagging was becoming increasingly normal at this point. Stella can be seen sitting in a chair at level with the newborn's rocker, even. She made sure to stay close by in case her baby sister needed anything.

Dogs are known for being man's best friend, and the pure devotion and love Stella shows her family's new baby proves that. While Stella may have had quite a lot of energy and excitement built up in response to their newest addition, she was careful, calm, and exceptionally sweet around the new baby. She saved her energy for when she went outside, having been given the freedom to run and play and truly express how excited she was. Then, it was right back to her baby sister, where she'll likely stay until the new baby is big enough to run and play with her.

Even those who don't like dogs have to admit that watching the look of utter adoration in Stella's eyes is adorable. There's something special about the bond between a dog and a new baby, especially when they've decided the new child is their best friend. In a time where things feel a little dark and a little isolating, we could all use a furry friend like Stella—she just wants to spread the love, and so do we. We all can relate—plenty of us have had a pet in our lives who would do absolutely anything for us at some point.

Feel free to let us know below what you think about this adorable experience, or if you had a furry friend that loved and cared about you the way Stella does towards her new baby sister. Then pass this joyful story along to others!