Dying Woman Says Final Farewell To Parrot Of 26 Years, Bird’s Reply Has Everyone In Tears

Jun 28, 2019 by apost team

Humans aren't the only creatures to experience grief. An African Gray parrot named Sinbad had spent 25 years with the human, and their final goodbye was caught on video that's now going viral.

Anybody who has owned a pet can tell you that grief isn't limited to humans. Dogs in particular are known for showing their grief in ways very similar to humans. Cats grieve as well, but they do so in a more quiet and removed way. No matter the type of animal, there's a bond formed between a human and their pet. After a life around them ends, they deal with an adjustment period just like humans.


Even in the cases of animals who are enemies in the wild, it's hard to lose a companion. Viral video captured a bulldog grieving his guinea pig friend's loss. Animal grief happens throughout the wild kingdom, too. Elephants protect their young. When an elephant dies, everyone gathers around to participate in mourning rituals.

Furry friends have grief that humans can recognize easily. But birds deal with grief, too. The longer they've been with the person who passed away, the harder a time they have with the readjustment period.

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Parrots are known for being incredibly intelligent animals, and African Grays are some of the smartest. Their lifespan is about 50 years, meaning that they can live as long as some people.

It's often difficult to rehome birds, because they consider their humans to be part of their flock. Removing them from the flock upsets them. Parrots have a very hard time with losing someone in their flock, no matter whether that loss happens through moving out or passing away. They can engage in violent behaviors, exhibit signs of depression, and stop eating.

Some parrots literally need to be prescribed antidepressants following a traumatic experience. Veterinarians will sometimes prescribe bird-safe Prozac. Parrots need to go through the same recovery stages that people do.

Sinbad is an African Gray parrot who spent 25 years with his human. Their final goodbye was caught on tape, and the video is quickly going viral. Sinbad gently rests on the woman's arm as she lays in a hospital bed. He treats her very carefully, clearly aware that she's dying. Parrots can be vicious, but Sinbad is exceptionally gentle.

Processing the passing of his owner will take some time. Have you ever seen an animal grieve like this? Keep Sinbad's owner's memory alive by showing this article to your friends and loved ones.