Dwarf Pony Is Becoming Famous On Web

Sep 19, 2020 by apost team

Thanks to the powers of the Internet, a dwarf pony from Georgia named Shammy is the latest animal to work his way into the affections of people from all over the globe. While this horse suffers from a rare form of dwarfism, he hasn't let it stop him from completely enjoying every second of his life.

It can sometimes be difficult to figure out what is going to capture the hearts and minds of people all over the world. If there is something that always seems to do the trick it is a cute animal. Everyone loves the antics and shenanigans of cute furry friends.

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Shammy has always been different. According to Paw Buzz, he was born with his rare condition and his size has certainly set him apart from other horses. His owner, a Georgia farmer named Michelle, instantly bonded with the little pony. It didn't take long to find out that she wasn't alone. When the tiny horse was less than 30 days old, people from all over started coming around to see him.

This adoration didn’t stop with simple gazing. There were many folks who talked to Michelle about taking Shammy home with them or even buying him. Unfortunately for those folks, Michelle was never going to sell him. She had developed such a great love for him.


Developing a Fan Base

As word spread, more and more people came to visit Shammy. He became a local sensation, gathering a legion of devoted fans. People from the hair salon in town would often come by to take pictures of him. Michelle started to post pictures of him online and his fame continued to spread.

Shammy delighted the Internet crowd with his colorful personality and fun-loving antics. It got to the point where Michelle would get messages from Shammy's fans if no new pictures or videos had been posted.

A Loving Soul

When he is not delighting his many adoring fans, Shammy enjoys ruling the roost at Michelle's farm. He certainly does get up to plenty of mischief, but his owner is quick to point out that the tiny horse has a tender side, as she explained in a video by Barcroft TV. He loves taking naps with Michelle. Sometimes she will come over and lay him down for a rest.

The pony will stay there until she gets him up. He can often be found waiting in the yard for Michelle to return when she needs to leave the farm.

The Georgia farmer often states that Shammy reminds her of a dog because of his affectionate ways. She states that the tiny pony would prefer to spend time with her over his horse friends. The horse even chooses Michelle over his horse friends. It is clear to see that this bond goes in two ways.

Cherishing the Time

At 50 pounds and just over 20 inches high, Shammy is a very small horse. The genetic condition that has caused his small size will also cause him issues later on in his life. Unfortunately, the rare form of dwarfism that afflicts this tiny pony is known to shorten life expectancy dramatically.

Despite his body not growing any larger, his internal organs will keep growing. Shammy may also develop serious arthritis later on in life, as explained on horsetalk.co.nz. He could have a rough journey ahead of him as he grows older. This is why it is so important that he is living his best life now.

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