Driver Stops To Help Blind Man Waiting At Bus Stop

Jul 15, 2019

As is the case with many people with persistent medical conditions, Gene Hubbard has done his best over the years to lead as normal of a life as possible. However, there are times when everyone needs a helping hand, and Gene was grateful when a young bus driver took time out of his busy workday to help him.

Gene was diagnosed with diabetes years ago, and as is the case with many people who suffer from this health condition, his related symptoms have progressively worsened. In fact, diabetes caused him to go blind more than two decades ago. Nonetheless, Gene has remained independent and has done his best to remain as healthy and active as possible. In addition to monitoring his blood sugar level, maintaining a healthy lifestyle and taking insulin shots, he also commutes to work on a public bus and holds down a full-time job to support himself.

As is the case with many blind people, Gene’s functionality is aided by the routine that he has established to get around. Over the years, he has memorized bus routes and schedules, and this has promoted his independent mobility. Unfortunately, bus routes and schedules change from time to time. When this recently happened to Gene’s regular bus route, he felt completely lost and alone. In fact, he said that he felt as if he was lost in the middle of an ocean, he told WITI.

A young bus driver, Thaddaus Turner, noticed that Gene was flustered and clearly in distress. Rather than leaving Gene to figure things out on his own, Thaddaus took action. He pulled the bus over and took the keys out of the ignition.

He then steered Gene to his regular path. One Gene was back on a familiar path, he was able to get home safely and without further distress. Without Thaddaus’s help, Gene may have continued to flounder around without direction.

He could have even wound up lost far from home or injured. Watch the video below and witness this random act of kindness from a compassionate stranger:

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