Driver Kicks All Passengers Off Bus For Refusing To Make Room For Wheelchair User

Sep 09, 2019 by apost team

Bus drivers tolerate a lot of bad behavior. During a typical 40-hour workweek, the drivers deal with all kinds of riders. The vast majority are good people looking to get to work, home, or elsewhere. And then there are the bad apples and rude customers. One bus driver became so upset with difficult riders on his bus to the point he threw them all out! Once you hear his story, you probably won't blame him for his reaction.

François Le Berre of Paris tried to take the bus one day. Le Berre has multiple sclerosis and requires a wheelchair to get around. In Paris, like many other cities, public transportation is accessible to people in wheelchairs. The other riders on the bus, however, must be a little accommodating to help accommodate people with special needs.

As Le Berre tried to get on the bus, all he required was the other passengers move a little bit. Surprisingly, they were reluctant to move making things unnecessarily troubling for La Berre. Even with the access ramp, he couldn't get onto the bus. No one wanted to move.

After observing the situation, the bus driver had enough. Using his authority, the driver told everyone to leave the bus immediately. The riders had to comply.

The bus driver then provided a clear path for Le Berre to enter the bus. Not finished with his good deed, the bus driver chose to admonish the ejected passengers. He told them they might one day need a wheelchair to get around and told them to wait for the next bus. Hopefully, the riders learned a lesson that day.

Le Berre found the incident somewhat humorous. He mentioned it on his Facebook page. The event gained a lot of attention as people sympathized with his plight. They also levied some praise to the anonymous bus driver. Maybe the bus driver will come forward and tell his version of the story one day.

Who wouldn't want a protector like the heroic bus driver? Your friends and relatives might appreciate the tale of this working-class hero. Do your part to make sure his story and legend spread.