Driver Eyes 92-Yr-Old At Bus Stop That Doesn’t Board, Jumps To His Feet Second He Looks At His Face

Jan 23, 2019 by apost team

One bus driver is being regaled as a hero after his quick observations saved an elderly man's life. Mile Blair, the bus driver, was making his rounds as usual when he came to a stop and noticed everyone boarded except an older man.

The 92-year-old had been outside in the heat for a while, and with a 110-degree temperature, it's no wonder he had begun to experience negative effects.

Blair has driven for the Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada for the last five years, so he's no stranger to off-beat occurrences. However, something about the elderly man struck him. When he didn't move to get up, Blair continued to look at him rather than drive off and continue his route.

That's when he got a look at the 92-year-old's face and sprung into action.

The man was clearly in distress. After trying to reach for the wall, he gave up and looked at the driver. Blair quickly helped the man onto the bus. It turns out the senior citizen was suffering from a heat stroke. Heat strokes aren't uncommon among senior citizens, but they can have life-threatening consequences.

Blair quickly retrieved the water bottle that he had packed in his lunchbox. He was so caught up in helping the senior citizen that he didn't notice a passenger snap a photo of his kind deed. The person shared it on Twitter where it quickly went viral.

Blair was interviewed by a local news channel, which you can check out in the video below.

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