Driver Brings Joy To Surprised Riders By Bringing Adorable Puppy Along For Their Ride

May 28, 2021 by apost team

There are few things as universally adored as dogs, except for maybe babies, so it makes sense that puppies bring out the best in all of us. An Uber driver and YouTuber named Eddie Doyle made it his mission to make the day of all of his riders by bringing along his adorable little puppy, Suzy. 

In one of Doyle’s videos from 2017, he explains that Suzy was a stray and that she was found in a barn. Suzy had 11 brothers and sisters but she was the only one who survived out of her litter. She is a sweet and well-behaved puppy, although she does have a little chewing and biting problem. However, that doesn’t stop the majority of riders from loving her!  

There were several different riders in the video, but at one point Doyle explained that it was mostly women who wanted to play with the pup and agreed to appear on the screen. Some of the riders did not notice Suzy at first, because she was hidden in Doyle’s lap. As soon as they got a peek at the puppy, the riders would exclaim at how cute she is and most wanted to hold her.

You can tell that Doyle and Suzy were driving around all day because it had grown dark by the end of the video. The last riders were a group of people, with one older gentleman sitting in the front seat next to Doyle. Suzy wasted no time crawling into the man’s lap and he was delighted by her presence. At one point, when the man was holding Suzy up to his face she began licking his mustache. It was adorable and everyone in the car laughed.   

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One of the first riders in the video said she was running late, and seemed a little annoyed. But the moment she laid eyes on Suzy she called out, “Stop it! What the heck? Where did that come from?” and happily accepted the puppy into her arms. It seemed from the video below that nearly every rider was enamored with the puppy.

One common occurrence that Doyle pointed out was that every time someone would get excited at the sight of Suzy, their voices would become really high. Doyle compared it to the way we speak to babies, and when he looked up the reason, Google confirmed people speak in that voice to puppies because they remind us of babies. One rider even said, “Bye, Baby! Be good, OK?” as she was getting out of the car.

At one point in the video, Doyle addresses the fact that it is only female riders who agree to appear in his video with Suzy. Doyle says to the puppy, “It’s not your fault no guys want to be in the video, they’re just embarrassed at how soft they look but I’m not embarrassed cause I love you.” Doyle and the other riders do look totally in love with Suzy while interacting with her.

According to his YouTube page, Doyle is a therapist, friend, confidant, and vlogger. His page biography reads, “Welcome to my channel! Just trying to spread some positivity and laughs. Sketches, comedy, rideshare ride alongs, and my crazy Granny. Thanks for checking it out!” Doyle films himself driving around and then posts the content online, which he calls the “Driver Ed Show.”

Doyle’s video has over 4 million views on YouTube and 195,000 likes. Viewers just can’t get enough of how cute Suzy the puppy is! “If I get in an Uber and there's a 1 month old puppy in there it's an automatic 5 stars,” wrote one commenter under the video.

Another person shared this sentiment, “This is actually perfect to do with your puppy: Getting it used to being around other people plus riding in the car, both at the same time.” This is a good point, by having Suzy ride along on his Uber rides, Doyle is helping her learn to socialize with humans.

In a similar story from 2016, driver Jonathan Gaurano brought rescue dogs along with him while driving to promote awareness for dogs living in animal shelters and encourage riders to adopt instead of shop for new pets. However, at first, there were some bumps in his plan. “A lot of shelters didn’t want to be videotaped and I called all over California to figure out how I can do this properly,” Gaurano explained to Inside Edition.

Eventually, Gaurano was able to find a shelter willing to work with him and he began taking rescue dogs along on his Uber rides. This is when some other concerns began to arise. “I really wanted to surprise them, but I was so nervous of their reactions-especially having cameras all over my car,” Gaurano said in the same interview. 

Fortunately, all of Gaurano’s riders reacted well to the puppy-surprise and were very happy with their rideshare experience. Based on the reactions that both Doyle and Gaurano received, it seems like bringing puppies along for the ride could boost a driver’s rating.

What would your reaction be to getting surprised with a puppy in an Uber? Would you enjoy getting to play with a dog on the way to work? Let us know and be sure to send this on to your loved ones.

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