Dr. Phil Was Homeless & ‘Lived On The Streets’ Before He Got Famous And Moved Into Lavish $29 Million Home

Mar 27, 2023 by apost team

Dr. Phil McGraw may live in a lavish home and enjoy his best life with his family right now, but the road to getting there wasn’t easy. For many years, Dr. Phil has become a source of inspiration to a lot of people because of his moving life story.

Ever since the psychologist first got his start on television after appearing on "The Oprah Winfrey Show," audiences fell in love with his pragmatic approach to human psychology and his endearing personality. So it only made perfect sense that he got his own show titled "Dr. Phil" in 2002. Ever since Dr. Phil has continued to educate his audience while stealing their hearts with his charm.

His show has even introduced the world to his beloved family including his wife Robin McGraw, as well as his two sons Jay McGraw and Jordan McGraw. Robin is an author and has become a well-loved part of "Dr. Phil," lending her female opinion on topics of discussion. 

Dr. Phil and Robin have been together for nearly five decades now. Robin previously admitted in an interview with Closer Weekly in 2018 that it was “love at first sight” between them.

“I actually knew that first evening I sat and visited with him that he was The One,” Robin said.

Robin honored her husband on the 46th year of their marriage in 2022 with an Instagram post. She said he makes her “feel like the most blessed woman in the world.”

“50 Valentine's Days, Lots of pulled pigtails, Frogs down the back, and shared popsicles! Love you, Phillip,” Dr. Phil wrote in his Valentine’s Day post in 2023.

Meanwhile, Dr. Phil's sons have both chosen careers in the entertainment industry. 

Dr. Phil (1900), (Lawrence K. Ho/Los Angeles Times via Getty Images)

Considering their father is both a professional psychologist and a show business icon, they're still following in his footsteps. Jay is a writer and television producer, while Jordan is a musician. 

One aspect of Dr. Phil's personal life that the public has been lucky to witness is his strong sense of family. Whether it's on his television show or scrolling through his Instagram account, Dr. Phil's family plays a prominent role in his life, confirming the close bond he shares with them. He even enjoys bonding with his grandkids.

Dr. Phil’s great success has brought him millions of dollars in the process. This means he and his wife Robin are able to live comfortably in a gorgeous mansion in Beverly Hills that they bought in 2010.

The talk-show host and his beloved wife used to live in Dallas, Texas before Dr. Phil began working on his TV series. Now, they reside in Beverly Hills where they live a life of luxury in their fabulous, alamo-style, mansion. The couple purchased the home in 2010 for $29.5 million. The house has five bedrooms and nine bathrooms. 

Dr. Phil reportedly bought this mansion before he had sold his previous residence, which was listed for $16 million in Los Angeles. Their current estate sits on three acres of land and overlooks their previous home.

The McGraw’s mansion is 15,000 square feet and that does not include their guest house. There are tennis courts as well as a pool and stunning landscapes in the surrounding yard. The kitchen is massive and features a stunning backsplash above the stove. There are multiple living spaces for Robin to decorate and an office for Dr. Phil as well. 


Robin McGraw, Dr. Phil McGraw (2004), (Amanda Edwards/Getty Images Entertainment via Getty Images)

But life wasn’t always easy for Dr. Phil – he earned every bit of his current success. In an interview with celebrity life coach Mike Bayer on The Coach Mike podcast, Dr. Phil opened up about his life growing up.

Dr. Phil was raised in an abusive household. Since his father was an alcoholic, they had to move around from one location to another for short amounts of time.

"We moved around a lot," Dr. Phil said. “We moved every two or three years because my dad was an alcoholic,” he added.

While he tried to talk his dad out of alcohol, he said it didn’t work.

"There was nothing you could say to him to get him to quit drinking. Yeah, it wouldn't matter. He would wreck a car. It didn't matter. He'd be drinking the next day,” he said.

But Dr. Phil found ways to escape the abusive behavior of his dad. He described his home as being “total chaos.”

“(I) came and went through the bedroom window so I didn’t have to go through the house. It was total chaos...Yelling, screaming violence, domestic violence," he shared.

But it was only the start of worse things to come for him during his teenage and young adult years as he was forced to live in the streets due to his father whom he described as “irresponsible.”

“I've been homeless. I've lived on the streets of Kansas City... I've slept in a cardboard box," he once said

While they eventually found an apartment, they had to endure living there without electricity. 

Now, Dr. Phil is living a successful life – and that’s all that matters.

Dr. Phil McGraw, London McGraw, Robin McGraw, Avery McGraw, Jay McGraw, Erica Dahm (2020), (Amy Sussman/Getty Images Entertainment via Getty Images)

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