Don't Settle: Stay Single Until You Find Someone Who Actually Gives A Crap

Jul 12, 2018

Just because you are alone or single doesn't mean that you are unhappy. Staying single until you find someone that is actually worth your time and devotion can actually make you feel better in the long run.

Find Someone That Builds You Up

The stress of a bad relationship is going to wear you down over time. Don't be with someone that makes you feel unhappy or insecure about yourself. Be with someone that celebrates you and cherishes you. Pick a partner that makes you want to be the very best version of yourself possible and never settle for anything less.

Find Someone That Actually Misses You

Pick someone that actually answers the phone and responds to your text messages. This is a person that actually misses you when you are gone and thinks about when you are away. You deserve someone that cares about you even when you are not within sight or are out of reach. This is a person that truly cares about you.

Find Someone That Shows Up Excited

When you're sad and you need someone to cry on, you deserve someone to be there for you. When you have planned a date for weeks, you deserve someone that actually shows up happy and excited to participate. When the going gets tough, you want someone that shows up and some shows up happy to be with you.

Find Someone That Shares You With The World (And Their World With You)

When you really care about someone, you want to shout it from the rooftops. Don't settle for someone that is keeping you a secret from their friends and family. Choose someone that is proud to be with you and wants to show you off at any chance that they get.

Being alone might feel scary at first but in the long run, staying by yourself can actually make you feel better than being in a fruitless relationship. Don't settle for a relationship where the other person doesn't actually care about you. Find a relationship where the other person actually gives a shit.

What do you think? Are you willing to hold out for someone who's gonna stick with you til the end? Show this to someone who needs to hear this hard truth, or even someone who already follows this philosophy!