Don't Judge Anyone By Their Appearance. Your DNA Says So!

Biased random strangers do a social experiment involving their DNA. The results will astonish you as much as they shocked them!

Our world is so diverse and the uniqueness you find from each of the four corners of the earth is remarkable. At the same time, it is also easy to see our similarities as human beings regardless of country, race, religion or heritage.

With all of our similarities, it is amazing that prejudice and bias still remain in our society. We have a way to go before we completely stop judging others according to their skin color, clothes, and perceived nationality.

This experiment, caught on video, is truly eye-opening and will make anyone second-guess their preconceived ideas about people that seem different from them. Each one of the 67 participants that were asked to do a DNA test all had strong beliefs and pride regarding their own ethnicity and nationality. With this pride came at least a slight dislike of people from other countries or walks of life.

Each participant was asked the same question before they had to wait 2 weeks on the DNA results, “Would you dare to question who you really are?”

After the 2 weeks, the participants were all brought together to see the results. The reactions are remarkable and left many in tears and utterly confused. You can witness the realization and change of heart as each individual is allowed to see where their DNA really comes from on a world map.

This video is a great testimony to us all that we really are so alike. It is a nice reminder to love our fellow human beings regardless of origin, race or background.

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