Don't Ignore These 5 Signs That Someone Is Trying To Bait You

Aug 27, 2018 by apost team

Abusive and toxic people, both men and women, use many different tactics in an effort to control the people around them. One of these is known as “baiting,” which is when you deliberately say or do something in order to elicit an emotional or angry response from another person. Some people bait others in order to start an argument, instead of calmly addressing the situation.

Why do people use bait as a control tactic? It’s because they want the other person to start the fight in order to turn the tables on them. They do it to gain the advantage during the argument. The person they are baiting is usually left hurt and confused. They know they are being baited but don’t know how to react to it.

According to a family therapist, Andrea Brandt, people who use bait as a tactic in a relationship don’t want to take responsibility for the fight. They may even be afraid of fighting, so they hope the other person will start it. Understanding the signs of being baited will help you be fully prepared when and if you are in the situation.

1. They Accuse You Of Something Out Of The Blue

This is one of the biggest indicators of bait. Maybe your significant other accused you of cheating on them, completely unwarranted and out of the blue. This type of accusation is done so you are left trying to defend a crazy claim as your partner is already trying to manipulate you in other ways.

They want to turn the tables on you and act as if they are the victim, even when they may be doing exactly what they accused you of. Don’t defend yourself if you are innocent. Instead, ask them to explain why they are accusing you. It helps to dismantle the baiting.

2. They Break Your Possessions

The person baiting you may damage something of yours in order to make you angry. Once you are mad, they can then easily manipulate the situation into what they want it to be. You may come home to find your partner has purposely damaged or broken something of yours. This type of behavior is used to terrorize the other person and force them into a place of submission. It is a red flag that someone is baiting you.

3. They Play On Your Emotions

Bating is used as a way to elicit an emotion from another person. They want you to be in a certain mindset to argue with you, so they specifically bait you in order to upset or anger you.

By becoming emotional, the victim begins to second-guess what he or she is feeling. The baiter is purposely using your emotions in order to control you and manipulate you into doing or saying what they want.

4. They Make You Jealous On Purpose

Does your significant other purposely flirt with other people or even cheat on you? If so, this is baiting. They may compare you to their past partners or even to strangers to elicit a response from you. They do this to play with your emotions and manipulate you. Your partner may even insist what they are doing is all in your head to gaslight you.

5. They Are Always The Victim

It doesn’t matter how much they bait you-this type of person will always be the victim in their eyes. They flirted with someone right in front of you? It’s because you wouldn’t give them the attention they deserved. They broke your ceramic vase? It’s because you made them so mad they couldn’t control their emotions. They are baiting you to get a response from you, and they will always be in the right, according to them. 

What Should You Do If Someone Is Trying To Bait You?

If you find yourself on the receiving end of someone’s bait, follow the tips we have provided for you.

1. Don’t Take The Bait

When you don’t respond, the other person doesn’t get what they are looking for. You can then try and move past the initial bait and engage in a real, meaningful conversation.

2. Don’t Argue Or Try To Reason

There is no hope in arguing with someone who is trying to bait you. You should even walk out of the room and cool off before talking to them. You both need to walk away and take a few deep breaths before continuing the conversation.

3. Always Have A Support System

You should always have an outside support system of friends and family who can help you spot the signs of baiting and manipulation. They can be an objective witness to what you are dealing with.

It’s important to understand what baiting is and where it comes from. You can then take the steps to deal with the situation and avoid it when it happens.

Do you have any other tips for someone who is being baited into arguing? Please leave them in the comment section and pass this on to others, you never know who might need to hear it!