Don’t EVER Charge Your Smartphone Overnight - Here’s Why

Apr 05, 2018 by apost team

Are you guilty of not following a warning that almost EVERY phone provider employee gives after handing over your newest smartphone?

We bet you are!

That warning is this: Don’t charge your smartphone overnight! But do we actually listen? Most of the time, NO!

Should we listen to the warning? Yes, we should, because the way you charge your phone can actually make or break the battery.

Can overcharging a phone be dangerous?

Many phone users believe that they can overcharge a phone and that it is dangerous to do so. 

This isn’t true. Your phone will not explode or break after the battery reaches 100%. 

However, it isn’t a good idea to keep charging your phone after it is full. 

Overnight charging- harmful or not?

Many of us use our phones as an alarm clock, meaning we want to keep them charging overnight so they don’t die and we sleep in and miss work. However, this can actually ruin your battery life when you keep doing so. 

After you turn the phone on for the very first time, the lithium-ion battery will begin to slowly degrade, as will the lead-acid case. 

When you charge your phone overnight, the battery will just wear out even faster. 

To make your phone last for many years, charge it the smart way!

Your smartphone IS smart- it will stop pulling in energy from the charger when the battery reaches 100%. But the second it dips to 99%, the battery will take in more power and “top off."


Energy will keep trickling slowly in overnight, increasing the temperature of the phone and placing a strain on the battery. These add up over time.

To put it in perspective- say you charge your phone overnight, every night. Your phone will be plugged in for three or four months in a year’s time!

This quickly wears out the battery. Simply put, you only need to keep your phone plugged in until the battery is at the right level. 

Knowing when to charge your phone

Wait until your battery is low, but not empty, to charge your phone. When your phone is at 30 or 40%, plug it in for best results.

You could also take the case off of the phone to help keep it cool while it charges.

What is a Smart Outlet?

A smart outlet is a great device for when you are still worried your phone is going to die while you are asleep.

You can program a smart outlet to turn off the electricity to the power strip at a certain time every night. Your phone will charge and you won’t have to worry about waking up to unplug it- the device cuts the power for you. 

If you want to make your phone last for years, be smart about how you charge the battery and it will! 

Remember, you should never leave your phone on the bed while it is charging, as well.

Did you find this article helpful? Are you planning to change how you charge your smartphone? Let us know!