Donnie Wahlberg Left $2,020 Tip For Food Server In Native State Of Massachusetts

Nov 18, 2020 by apost team

Donnie Wahlberg, lead actor on the hit CBS crime drama, "Blue Bloods," made the day of a waitress in Plymouth, Massachusetts, a little brighter when he left her a tip of over $2,000 on his $35.27 meal. This isn't Wahlberg's first time doing something of this nature, but the waitress is looking for ways to pay it forward.

In a time where everybody can use a little bit of good news, Donnie Wahlberg has proven that he's not just a good guy on his hit TV show, but he is one in real life too. In January this year, Wahlberg decided to give far more than the usual 15% gratuity on a recent restaurant bill, making a waitress' day, and giving all of us something to smile about in these challenging times.

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Donnie Wahlberg went to eat at Marshland, a local restaurant in Plymouth, Massachusetts. It was there that the New Kids on the Block alum found the perfect opportunity to take part in the social media trend, "#2020TipChallenge." After he received his check, totaling $35.27, Wahlberg left a generous gift for his waitress, Denise Andrews.

Even though Wahlberg was taking part in the social media craze, he did everything in his power to downplay what he had done. In fact, he didn't even stick around to see Denise's reaction. On his way out the door, Wahlberg reportedly said, "Denise you're all set. The payment is on the table."

In an effort to highlight the "#2020TipChallenge," Wahlberg tagged an additional $2,020.00 as a tip onto his $35.27 bill. For those of you keeping score at home, that is certainly more than the traditional 15% on a restaurant tab. Wahlberg, seemingly content to never mention his generous act again made no effort to highlight the gesture. Instead, it was Marty Finch, the 56-year-old owner of Marshland, who used the eatery's social media to announce what Donnie had done for his waitress.

"A very special thank you to our friend @donniewahlberg! When asked about it all he said was 'who’s up next?!'" the restaurant posted.

This wasn't Wahlberg's first trip to Marshland. In fact, the man who plays detective Danny Reagan on Blue Bloods is such a regular at the restaurant that Finch told PEOPLE: "Donnie has been here before in the past and he always asks for Denise. He had his normal order: steak tips with some grilled asparagus and some poached eggs. She always knows what he wants."

Andrews was adamant about the fact that Wahlberg is always a good tipper when he comes by to eat. However, according to Inside Edition, other staff members at Marshland said that Denise's jaw dropped when she saw the tip for more than $2,000.

The good deed didn't begin and end with the former pop star turned TV detective, though. Finch explained to PEOPLE that Andrews used the massive tip to tip out the rest of the wait staff, gave some to the guys working in the kitchen, and even donated some of it.

He went on to explain that Denise is very focused on charity, as she's currently working on helping two families pay for turkey dinners to have a traditional holiday meal during this trying time for many Americans. Finch elaborated that during her eight years at Marshland, Denise has always been interested in giving what she could to others in need.

Much like other restaurants, Marshland has experienced a significant hardship since the COVID-19 pandemic started several months ago. In fact, the restaurant actually closed for a couple of months due to financial limitations brought about by the pandemic. Fortunately for Andrews, the rest of the wait staff, and those who are being impacted by the money Wahlberg generously gave, the doors were opened back up, and the opportunity to be back in business presented itself.

Going above and beyond in tipping isn't exactly new for Wahlberg. In fact, his wife, actress, and model, Jenny McCarthy, shared the story of a similar act to the one he performed on New Year's Day. Over the years, Wahlberg has been recognized by workers at multiple Waffle House restaurants for leaving enormous gratuities behind without saying a word. As "Blue Bloods" heads into its 11th season on CBS, it's easy to see why Wahlberg is such an easy guy to root for.

In a time where everyone needs something to smile about, make sure your friends, family, and the rest of your social network see what Wahlberg is doing for waiters and waitresses around the country. Let this tale inspire you to do an act of kindness next time you go out for a meal.

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