Dolphin Succulents Are The Cutest Plants You'll Ever See

Do you have trouble keeping plants alive? Well, you're not the only one. However, some plants are easier to care for than others.

Take succulents for example. They are the most adorable plants. Plus, they clean the air around them. How cool is that?

They make beautiful additions to any home decor. 

Plus, they are easy to take care of!

They don't require very much care. Naturally, they are hearty and strong. Succulents can survive terrible conditions.

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That sounds perfect for people who don't always water or feed their plants on time.

Surprisingly, succulents are more popular than ever. Millennials are posting pictures of them all over their social media pages.

Can you blame them? These forgiving plants are easy on the eyes. They come in a multitude of textures, shapes, and shades.

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In fact, one succulent is drawing attention like no other. It goes by the official name of Senecio peregrinus.

People love it! Its leaves look like little dolphins dancing through the air.

To the layman, it's called the Dolphin succulent. It brightens any room it graces. It's a cross-breed as well. The hot dog cactus and string of pearls plant were mated together to create this nifty plant.

It's not easy to find a Dolphin succulent. You must buy them from a specialty grower. However, the hunt is worth it. Eventually, pink flowers can begin to appear on the plant. As if it wasn't cute enough.

Dolphin succulents can exceed 15 centimeters in height and require lots of light. On the other hand, you might not want to put them in direct sunlight. It's too harsh for these babies.

Additionally, your pot should be a well-draining one. Too much moisture can kill these plants. During the wintertime, you'll only need to water them once per month! How cool is that?

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Do you want to grow your own? Simply place one of their leaves in damp soil. Eventually, roots will start to grow down from it.

Do you want more animal-like succulents? Then you'll adore Rabbit succulents.

They're officially known as Monilaria obconica. The best part? They look like cute little bunnies!

Did this inspire you? Let us know! Feel free to pass it along to your friends and family - especially if you know any plant and animal lovers!