Dolly Parton Performs Led Zeppelin’s 'Stairway to Heaven'—Puts Her Own Spin On It

The country songstress and songwriter Dolly Parton stunned her fans and Led Zeppelin fans with her stunning cover of the band's classic song Stairway to Heaven. Led Zeppelin band members Jimmy Page and Robert Plant gave Dolly permission to cover their classic song and add her own lyrics to it.

The combination of a beloved classic country female singer and the classic rock acoustic ballad Stairway to Heaven is just plain perfect!

Why Did Dolly Parton Choose to Cover Stairway to Heaven? 

Dolly Parton's cover of Stairway to Heaven appeared on her 2002 bluegrass album Halos and Horns. She chose to cover this song because of her longtime love of it. She viewed it as a gospel song, so she added lyrics about heaven and a choir to her version of the classic hit.

She even went on to win a Grammy for her rendition of the beloved ballad!

Surprisingly Most Fans of Led Zeppelin and Dolly Parton Love Her Cover 

Oftentimes when another artist does a cover of another beloved musician or music group's song the fans of either party tend to dislike it. In this case, most fans of Led Zeppelin and Dolly Parton love her cover! Perhaps it's because Dolly Parton made sure to have permission from the band or because both artists are classic and beloved fixtures in the music industry.

Dolly Parton and Jimmy Page are both skilled guitarists, which allows her to do the song justice. After listening to Dolly's version, some fans of the cover quipped that Jimmy Page and Robert Plant should do a cover of the classic Parton song Jolene.

This cover of Stairway to Heaven is a song that fans of Parton, Led Zeppelin, and classical music should listen to at least once. If you've never heard it, you can listen below! 

If you have friends who are fans of Dolly Parton or Led Zeppelin, you should definitely recommend this video to them! What are your thoughts on Dolly Parton's cover of Stairway to Heaven? Let us know in the comments and make sure you pass this along to your friends and family!