Dolly Parton Joins Miley Cyrus And Pentatonix To Perform Unforgettable Rendition Of "Jolene"

Sep 23, 2020 by apost team

There are songs that are legendary no matter how many times you hear them or how old they are. One of those songs is Jolene, which Dolly Parton wrote and released in 1974. Her beautiful voice along with the touching lyrics made the song climb to the top of the charts quickly. Today, it is still a well-known classic country song.

In this incredible performance from 2016, Dolly is joined by Miley Cyrus and the acapella group Pentatonix in singing her hit Jolene on The Voice.

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Newsweek reports that Dolly wrote the song about a beautiful redhead who worked at their bank and routinely flirted with her husband, Carl Dean.

Her goddaughter, Miley Cyrus, rereleased the song in 2012 with the same soulful energy, again skyrocketing the song into public awareness once again. Few songs can be redone decades later with the same fervor, but Miley Cyrus was easily able to masterfully redo the song.

Then, in 2016, the legendary country superstar Dolly Parton and modern-day pop star Miley Cyrus didn't just team up to sing the song together—they did so with the acapella superstar group Pentatonix for a rendition of Jolene that was unforgettable. The performance happened on the TV show, The Voice, where Miley Cyrus was acting as a coach. Dolly Parton was appearing as a guest on the show to promote her NBC Christmas movie, Christmas of Many Colors.

The performance by three of the biggest stars in music was visually stunning as well. They stood strategically on a black-and-white lit semi-circle stage and performed the song flawlessly, leaving the audience and judges stunned.

The experience was a pleasant change for Dolly Parton who had to deal with quite a bit of bad news that year. Her home in Tennessee was destroyed by wildfires and her theme park Dollywood also suffered damage, reports Knoxville News Sentinel. She expressed sadness and grief about the wildfires that were out of control in the Smoky Mountains on her Twitter page, saying that she was praying for and grateful to all of the emergency responders who were fighting so fearlessly to save her "home town." 

One of the most beautiful things about Dolly Parton is her resilience and her ability to perform, even in the midst of adversity. She and Miley Cyrus, along with the vocals of Pentatonix, were able to bless the audience as well as all who are able to hear the beautiful rendition of Jolene, a song originally written decades ago about a flirty redhead at the local bank branch.

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