Dogs Leave Permanent Pawprints After Veterinary Clinic Allows Them To Run Through Wet Cement

Apr 05, 2023 by apost team

Becoming a veterinarian is just one way that someone can show their dedication to caring for animals. It’s a big step and requires quite a bit of studying and schooling, but after plenty of hard work and determination, it’s a very rewarding accomplishment. So once you finally make it to that point, it’s understandable that you would want to have a little fun at work.

The Oakdale Veterinary Group from Oakdale, California, is a newer vet clinic that decided to do something to always remember its many clients. According to its website, the veterinary group specializes in “prioritizing the health and happiness of our staff, so they can prioritize the health and happiness of your pet.” It’s safe to say they proved this to be true with a very heartfelt action.

While some people choose to keep capsules and memories of their pets through photos, videos or maybe even clothing with their faces on it, the vets at this clinic went for something that would be incredibly long-lasting and public. 

They decided to have the resident pups run through a sidewalk filled with wet cement, resulting in the dogs’ pawprints being imprinted on the sidewalk once it dried. This would mean that anyone walking down the street by the vet would be able to witness the adorable keepsake!

In March 2023, Ryan Maddox from the veterinary group uploaded several TikToks that showed the dogs running through the cement and the final product. People can’t get enough of cute animal moments, and this one was certainly no exception. Keep reading to learn more about this adorable endeavor.

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In March 2023, Maddox, one of the vets, uploaded a TikTok that showed several of the dogs who are clients at The Oakdale Veterinary Group running through wet cement on a sidewalk. He is truly an animal lover, as his bio stated that he has three dogs, two cats and even 15 chickens.

From the video, it was clear that there was quite a bit of construction going on involving the vet clinic. As they were in their final stages of getting everything together, they put the finishing touches on by allowing the pups to run through the cement. Dogs of all breeds and sizes happily trotted down the sidewalk and left their pawprints on the cement. 

People in the comments begged the veterinary group to share the final results, and they did not disappoint. The Oakdale Veterinary Group showed off the dried cement in another video – and the sidewalk was filled with so many pawprints of all sizes.

The TikTok’s caption said:

“What you’ve all been waiting for!! It’s raining here in California but theres no stopping Mowgli from showing off his prints.”

Safe to say, people were over-the-moon to see the cute dogs and the even cuter pawprints. “So cute!!” one person commented. 

Others suggested making the keepsake even more colorful and artistic.“Paint the prints so they can be seen easier,” one person said. Another added, “You should consider painting in the paws with pastel colours.”

Other TikTok users deemed this style of sidewalk was an absolute must for all future walking paths.“All concrete should have this,” one person declared. Another stated, “I think all pathways need this.”

Did you find these videos absolutely adorable? What did you think about this vet clinic’s way of personalizing the sidewalk? Let us know, and be sure to pass this along to your family, friends and any animal lovers you know!

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