Dogs Barked Crazily In Backyard And Prompted Owners To Investigate The Matter

Dogs are often spoken of as the guardians of the house. "Beware of Dog," says the sign on the fence next to many houses that have a canine friend. They have a loud bark, and they growl at the mailman, making his job a little harder to do.

When you bring home a dog to guard your house, you expect him to be fierce and drive off all real threats. The two dogs in this video seem to have missed that memo. Their owners heard them barking madly, and went outside to see what was wrong.

The dogs were playing with a big brown bear. A bear. They bark at the mailman to no end, but don't seem to see the threat of a bear crawling through the back garden. You had one job, dog. They didn't see the bear as a deadly intruder, though, but as a really big friend to play tag with.

The bear appears to realize that he is in the wrong territory when the dogs' owners come out to see what's going on. Like a frightened puppy, he climbs up on the fence and disappears on the other side, leaving the puzzled dogs to bark at the spot where he had been sitting seconds before.

We can't help but smile at the thought though, of two dogs playing with a giant bear. Sure, they might not always be the most talented security guards, but they know how to make friends with the most unlikely–and least desirable–of intruders. A dog's heart is big enough for everyone, even that bear.

Maybe this video has a lesson to teach us human beings. We aren't suggesting that you play with the next bear that you see (in fact, we vehemently discourage it). What if we stopped shying away from people because we thought they were bad? What if we befriended them until we no longer noticed the differences between us and them? That would make the world look much different than it does now.

In our opinion, these little buddies are still Very Good Dogs. Share this video with someone who has a guard dog that might not always get the job right.