Dog Was Abused So Severely That She Was Afraid To Look At Her Rescuers

Sep 19, 2018 by apost team

Sometimes when a dog is rescued from a traumatically abusive home it takes them a while to learn to trust people again. Shelter personnel at a dog rescue center in Ireland believe that this description matched with a troubled greyhound-mix dog that entered their facility.

She was so shattered by whatever she had suffered in her former life that this poor dog wouldn't even look at her rescuers.

Angel, as the dog was known, refused to move away from a specific wall in the shelter. She faced the wall for days. Not even food could coax her to move. This fearful, depressed behavior kept up for quite some time. In fact, she wouldn't eat her food while anyone else was with her in the room. She waited until she was all alone and then she'd sneak over and eat cautiously as if she was afraid she would get in trouble and be punished simply for eating.

The staff was deeply concerned and all of them wondered how they could help Angel start to come out of her shell. That's when an unlikely answer to their dilemma showed up in the form of another dog that arrived at the shelter. As soon as this other dog came into the picture Angel immediately started to perk up.

The staff called this new dog "Cliff." They eventually came to the conclusion that the two dogs were likely to be siblings.

After spending six months frolicking and playing with Cliff at the shelter, Angel had completely transformed in both her looks and personality. She ran, leaped, and barked just like any happy dog should. She put on about seven pounds so she looked as healthy and happy as she felt.

Rather than timid and sad, this dog became spunky and energetic.

A new family who came to the shelter looking for a dog was immediately smitten with Angel right when they met her. Since they had recently lost their two dogs Angel was an ideal fit for this loving family. Their affection was quickly returned by Angel who adapted extremely well to her new home.

You can watch her transformation in the video below:

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