Dog Warmly Apologizes To Brother After Stealing His Treat

Jul 05, 2020 by apost team

It's a good thing this golden retriever knows how to say "sorry," because he's definitely had a few treats that weren't intended for him.

This sweet video shows a loving kitchen interaction between two dogs and a mom who adores them very much. After our main pup takes one treat too many, his mother asks him to apologize – and the way he does it will melt your heart.

Watson and Kiko

Watson and Kiko aren't just any dogs; they're minor internet celebrities! Their owner, Jennifer Medrano, has over 970 thousand followers on Instagram. Her feed is filled with pictures of these two handsome golden retrievers.

Most people immediately notice that Watson and Kiko are best friends. They play well, share treats, and constantly pose together for adorable photo-ops. These two dogs go perfectly together, and the brotherly bond between them is real.

A Sense of Mischief

Of course, even the best brotherly relationship will occasionally be tested. Most dogs get up to mischief eventually, whether that means playing with something that isn't theirs or helping themselves to a snack without permission. Some temptations are just too much for a young pup to resist – as Watson shows us at the start of this heartwarming video.

A Tale of Two Treats

Medrano simply wanted to film her two dogs enjoying a pair of "chewies" side by side. Normally, she'd have no problem feeding both puppies at the same time. But today, Watson had other plans.

Like any impulsive and enthusiastic dog, Watson ate both of the chewy treats. One was meant for him, but the other was meant for his brother. They must have been delicious because he definitely couldn't resist.

Mom Steps In

Medrano is a great dog mom, so she immediately notices that an injustice has occurred. She points the phone camera at Watson and calls him out for his behavior. First, she makes sure Watson is paying attention. "Hey Watson, do you understand when I'm talking to you?" Watson grunts in response, which is both adorable and encouraging.

Talking About Treats

Medrano tells the story again to help keep her easily-distracted dogs on track. "So I gave you a chewy, I gave Kiko a chewy. You ate Kiko's chewy," she says in a matter-of-fact voice. The dogs are obviously both listening; they lick their lips loudly when the word "chewy" is said. Both pups sit up straight and wait to see what Medrano says next.

Time to Make Amends

Best friends shouldn't steal from one another. Medrano knows this, and she wants Watson to know it too. Now that she has his attention, she asks a simple question: "So what do we say when we steal someone else's chewy?" As soon as he hears this question, Watson knows what to do. This might not be the first time he's been a chewy thief.

The World's Biggest Hug

Watson walks over to Kiko and gives him a truly adorable hug. His head rests on top of Kiko's, and his front legs wrap around the other dog. The two pups pose for a moment, showing off their extreme brotherly affection.

Two Excellent Dogs

How could anyone stay mad at dogs this cute? Medrano forgives Watson for his crimes, and peace in the family is immediately restored. With dogs this sweet, there's a good chance that their display of affection earned them another round of chewy treats.

Watson hugs Kiko all the time. This unique form of canine affection is featured often on Medrano's Instagram page. Many dogs are loving, but only a few know how to give a human-style hug.

In this video, Watson the golden retriever shows off his intelligence and his extremely sweet personality. Although he impulsively ate a chewy treat that wasn't his, he makes up for it by listening attentively and apologizing when he's asked. Watson's apology hug is the final perfect cherry on top of this absolutely adorable pie.

Which part of this video made you realize that Watson is a special dog? And don't forget Kiko, who waits so patiently even though he didn't get his treat. Let us know your favorite moments in the comments, and post this article on your feed for someone else to enjoy.