Dog Walker Takes Adorable Group Picture Of His Clients Daily

Jul 04, 2020 by apost team

Tim Pink is a dog walker from New York who has blown up the internet with the unique daily ritual of taking a "class" picture of his entire roster of dogs and sharing it on Instagram. Pink has been taking these adorable group photos since 2011.

Each photo usually features dozens of dogs sitting calmly with their furry friends. Many people marvel at Pink's ability to corral all those canines into one group sitting. According to his website, the dog walker does have a team of assistants to help him keep things under control. Although many pics show the dogs with leashes representing the colors of the rainbow, the pups are shown posing with no one holding the other end of the leash.

Pink says he teaches his pupils to walk when he walks and stop when he stops. He takes his time teaching the concept and says it forces the dogs to pay attention to him, according to Metro. Pink emphasizes that repetition is key, but that patience pays off in the form of a mindful dog.

All photos were used with the explicit permission of Saratoga Dog Walkers/Facebook

One client enlisted Tim's services after spotting him with another owner's dog in the park. Pink was able to make the dog behave even as it ignored its owner's commands. The woman watching this scene, Rose Zacek, is now able to keep her poorly behaved dog after hiring Tim to walk her own dog, a six-year-old lab named Lexi, reports The Daily Gazette.

Most days, Pink's photos show at least 20 dogs. Dogs of every size are pictured. Breeds ranging from Yorkies to pit bulls appear, often arranged by size and grouped by color for visual effect. The dog walker routinely garners several hundreds of likes for his images, with subscribers visiting his account frequently for a glimpse of his four-legged charges.

All photos were used with the explicit permission of Saratoga Dog Walkers/Facebook

Pink is well-known around his hometown of Saratoga Springs and nearby towns such as Ballston Spa. He poses his crew in various spots around town. Many photos are set in parks, but some feature picturesque roadside or forest scenes while others take place in front of pretty houses.

He has been photographing the dogs he walks since 2011, according to his Instagram. He and his canine team get as much attention in real life as they do online, with passersby stopping to snap their own photos. Whether venturing into residential neighborhoods or posing in the park, Pink and his pups know how to work a crowd.

All photos were used with the explicit permission of Saratoga Dog Walkers/Facebook

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