Dog Tragically Dies After Eating Brownies Containing Xylitol, Owner Urges Other Pet Owners On Its Dangers

A pet owner in the UK is issuing warnings to all dog owners after her dog Ruby died after sneaking some brownies that were left on the counter. The brownies contained Xylitol, a sweetener replacement for humans but is lethal for dogs. 

Kate Chacksfield told The Mirror she only made brownies with Xylitol because she wanted to reduce the amount of sugar she was intaking.

"But while I was out, Ruby managed to get into the container off the side in the kitchen and eaten a couple," she said. "She seemed fine at first and it wasn't until a couple of days later she began being violently ill and I took her to the vets."

According to the Chacksfield, Ruby was treated for rat poison. "We just thought she may have eaten some by mistake in the park or something - it never crossed my mind to mention the brownies," she said. Sadly, Ruby's condition worsened and the pup passed away after her liver failed.

"I had absolutely no idea Xylitol was harmful to dogs what so ever and I was heartbroken when they told me and I knew it was too late for Ruby," Chacksfield said. "We've had her since she was a puppy and I'm completely lost without her."

The media and presentation coach is urging other pet owners about Xylitol. "I really, really urge other dog owners to read up on the dangers of Xylitol in dogs and urgently take their pets to the vet if they accidentally consume it as it could be the difference between life and death," she said to The Mirror

"We'd love to be able to save other dogs from going through what Ruby went through by raising awareness on the dangers of Xylitol for dogs. It takes just a quarter of a teaspoon of sweetener to harm a dog. If anyone has any concerns they can the Animal PoisonLine for advice," Chacksfield added. 

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