Dog Takes Off Running After Car Accident That Kills Girl's Mother, The Moment She Found Him Weeks Later Was Captured On Video

Aug 29, 2018 by apost team

Two women were involved in a tragic car accident. After the wreck, their dog ran off. The surviving daughter found him weeks later and caught the moment on video.

On August 7, there was a tragic vehicle accident involved in Chaffee County, Colorado. Two women who hail from Kansas were part of the crash.

Jennifer Orr, forty-three years old, was driving her 2014 Jeep Wrangler on a back road when she collided with a rock. The collision made the vehicle veer off course and slide down a slope. Jennifer was pronounced dead at the scene, but her daughter received transportation by helicopter to a hospital. There, she received the medical treatment she needed to save her life.

Sam Orr paid her mother a tribute over social media, a week after the accident occurred. She made a Facebook post on August 15, stating that Jennifer was "a force." Sam says she's proud to be Jennifer's kid, and that she will continue to move forward with peace and hope and passion. She also thanked people for their support and prayer.

Sam didn't come away from the crash unscathed. She suffered a few injuries, like a compressed vertebra and displaced ribs. However, her doctors say that they expect full recovery. But the pain of her mother's passing won't be so easily healed.

Sam and Jennifer weren't by themselves in the vehicle. Bentley, Sam's dog, was also there. The dog disappeared immediately after the accident, so Sam was grieving both her mother and her canine friend.

A Facebook page to "Bring Bentley Home" was created in an effort to locate the dog. It took 19 long days for anything to be found, 19 days in which people feared the worst. But the dog was located near the area that the accident happened.

Sam expressed her gratitude on Bentley's Facebook page, thanking people who assisted her in the search. She said that a man named Joseph Stratmann was particularly helpful. The most healing moment was when Sam got to take Bentley safely into her arms for the first time since the accident. The bittersweet moment was caught on film.

What a relief that this tragedy didn't turn more tragic. The bond between human and canine really can't be broken. What do you think?