Dog Taken From Neglectful Family Arrives To Place He Can Finally Call Home

Sep 24, 2020 by apost team

Buster was a year old and had to live his life tied to a rope outside. He was neglected by his former owners. With the help of PETA, he was given help and medical treatment. Once he finally started healing, his adorable face and sweet nature led to him being adopted by a loving family in Virginia in 2018. Now, he finally knows what it's like to be with a family who loves him.

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The chain that Buster was tied to was so tight that it cut into his neck. He was unable to run around like other dogs, and he was lucky if he got any food for the day.

Members of PETA saw Buster and the condition that he was in, making a decision to rescue him from the people who had tied him outside.

The people who found Buster talked to his owners. They decided to give the dog to the workers, which was fortunate because Buster might not have lived much longer if he had stayed with them.

With a little help, the workers were able to start treating Buster for his medical issues while giving him a bath and making sure he had the food that he needed to get healthy. They also worked to try to get him a home with a family who would love him.

Buster soon got to take a trip to see his new owner. He was excited as he got in the vehicle, giving plenty of kisses to the people who helped save his life. Buster was taken to the door to wait to go inside his new home. Buster now has a warm place to sleep along with plenty of toys and room to run around and play.

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