Dog Spends 12 Years In Puppy Mill, Gets To Sleep In A Bed For The First Time

A puppy mill, a dog-breeding facility, is one of the most difficult living environments for dogs trapped in them as many owners are only focused on maximizing profits.

Loving and taking care of the canines there is oftentimes not a part of that strategy. In many cases, dogs end up dying in these environments. Fortunately, that was not the case for a special 11-year-old dog who was recently rescued. In a touching scene soon after that occurred, she got to sleep in a bed for the first time.

However, prior to that special moment, the poor dog had to be attended to as she had been rescued in such bad shape that she was described as a "priority medical dog," the direst description to describe a dog's medical condition.

According to Animal Planet, Lily had sores all over her body, which were surely painful. Heartbreakingly, an initial bath ended up showing that the situation with her sores was even worse than had been feared. It's tough to fight back tears when seeing caretakers so carefully tend to those sores.

Fortunately, those responsible for taking care of Lily were ultimately able to heal the sores and give her a bath. Afterwards, they put her in a dryer so that the sores would be disturbed as little as possible while she was dried. But it turned out that the sores were just the start of Lily's problems.

She also had an abscess on one of her feet and an ulcer in her eye. However, a veterinarian took care of that too. Lily was now in good hands!

That set the stage for what may have been the most touching moment of the entire experience. Lily was presented with a bed. Initially, she didn't know what to do with it and had a confused, anxious look on her face for several moments before she finally determined that it was in fact for her, and she lied down in her own bed for the first time. Before long, she was asleep, resting after her exhausting day, after her exhausting life up to that point.

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