Dog Shows Endless Gratitude On Video Just Minutes After Being Rescued

When it comes to dogs, there's always that question of who really "owns" whom. Dogs are just such friendly creatures. They enrich our lives in innumerable ways.

A woman discovered those truths when she decided to adopt a rescue. The dogs were suffering from horrific circumstances. They had been chained up without any room to move. The outside temperature was climbing and the dogs were without food and water. She felt compelled to do something.

As she drove away, she left with one of the dogs sitting on the front seat of her car. She knew she was saving him from a grim fate.

What she didn't expect was how grateful the dog would be.

The woman captured his priceless reaction on her phone. As she delicately scratches under his chin, the dog can't help but reach back. He's hesitant at first but quickly feels at home. The woman's new dog drapes his paw over her arm as if in a mini-hug. He's soon wagging his tail.

She's utterly moved to tears by the gesture. It's such a clear symbol of the good she was able to do. Her dog doesn't have to suffer anymore. He recognizes it by demonstrating that unconditional love that dogs are known for. Her video is just another reminder of how important animal rescue is. When we save dogs, they're actually saving us.

Watch the emotional video below:

Did the dog's reaction to being rescued melt your heart? Have you ever rescued an animal to give them a second chance at life? Let us know in the comments and show the video to your friends to spread the love!