Dog Saves Owner's Life After Sniffing Out Her ‘One In 22 Million’ Kidney Donor Match At The Beach

May 04, 2023 by apost team

Lucy Humphrey, a lupus patient from Britain, was told she would need a kidney transplant to live longer. However, after being on the transplant waitlist for years, Humphrey found her donor match in the most unlikely way -- when her Doberman befriended a stranger at the beach. 

Humphrey has been living with lupus for almost two decades and was able to manage her condition until she experienced end-stage renal failure in 2017. By some miracle, Humphrey survived this medical ordeal, but her doctors warned her that a kidney transplant was her only hope for recovering and getting better. 

In 2019, doctors told the 44-year-old that she might have five years left if she still could not get a transplant. She was also told that she needed a donor who was the perfect match because of her health complications. However, a surgeon also informed her that the perfect match was a "one in 22 million chance.”  

According to the Lupus Foundation, this autoimmune disease causes inflammation and affects the immune system. People with lupus often experience physical pain, impairments, fatigue, hair loss and cognitive issues. Some lupus patients also suffer from painful joints or develop a cardiovascular disease that raises their risks for stroke. 

Discouraged by her failing chances at a transplant, Humphrey's boyfriend, Cenydd Owen, wanted to cheer her up by taking her somewhere for a change of scenery. Because of her weakening health, the couple decided that the farthest they could travel was to Barry Island beach and only for one weekend in 2021.

While at the beach, Humphrey's Doberman, Indie, became fascinated by another beachgoer who was about 100 yards away from them. Katie James was minding her business, but then Indie took to her so quickly.

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Humphrey and Owen felt that they had to apologize to the woman knowing Dobermans could be intimidating. However, James was not at all bothered by the dog, and she needed the company as she was also having a hard time in her life.

The couple decided to invite James for a barbecue at the beach. When she bought drinks, Owen had to explain that Humphrey wasn't allowed to have alcohol as she was on dialysis and waiting on a kidney transplant.

By some fate, James revealed that she had just signed onto the kidney donation register and could donate to "anyone who wants it." The women proceeded to exchange numbers and promised to coordinate when they got home. Sometime later, James willingly took the tests, and she turned out to be a perfect match! Humphrey had a successful kidney transplant in October 2022. 

"One doctor said it was the hand of God — more like the hand of dog if you ask me," James told The Sun about the circumstances of their meeting.

James told BBC that donating her kidneys has been the "best thing I've ever done," and she's very proud of her accomplishment. She also feels lucky to have met Humphrey.  

"I know that it has worked and I know that she's out there living her life. To me, there's been no negative to it whatsoever," James said.

Humphrey, on the other hand, could not help but marvel at her dog's ability. She told The Sun that Indie's instincts may have informed the dog that James was a "warm, kind and generous person" who was happy to help someone in need.

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