Rescue Workers Save Dog Stuck In Sewer Drain

A dog was found in a desperate situation in India as she was stuck in a sewer drain unable to get out and too weak to keep her head above water.

Animal Aid Unlimited, an international organization that helps animals around the world, received a tip about a stray dog in need of care. Apparently there was a dog stuck in a sewer drain and close to drowning.

Arriving at the scene, rescue workers were heartbroken to find that the sweet pup was so weak that she could barely keep her head above the shallow water. As the dog took its last breaths, a rescue worker carefully picked her up from the water.

Upon extricating the harried animal from the sewer, rescuers saw that the dog was in far worse shape than their initial assessment. Taking the stray to their truck, the rescuers saw that one of the animal’s legs was broken. Wrapping the dog in a blanket, the two rescue workers put her in a cage and drove her to their veterinarian.

The vet at Animal Aid Unlimited’s care center examined the dog’s injuries and determined that the bone of one of the sweet animal’s back legs was shattered in multiple places and necrotic. The leg would have to be amputated, but the vet needed to get the dog’s strength back.

Volunteers with the agency sat with the stray dog as life-saving antibiotics and other medicines were pumped into her, restoring some of the animal’s health. After a few hours, the veterinary team was able to successfully perform the operation, removing the leg and ensuring the animal’s survival.

Thanks to the work being done by Animal Aid Unlimited, the dog did more than just survive her desperate situation: she thrived. In a video released on the organization’s YouTube channel, the stray dog, whose name is Phoenix, is shown to be living the good life in an amazing home.

The video shows Phoenix running and playing with her owners, all the better for the amazing work of her saviors. The video ends with an invitation to viewers to donate to Animal Aid Unlimited and help them in their life-saving efforts on behalf of the animals of the world.

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