Dog Protests Owner's Decision To Leave Dog Park Ending In Comical Scene

Oct 31, 2020 by apost team

Check out this golden retriever who is as strong-willed as, well, a golden retriever. After what you can only assume was an insanely fun time at the dog park, he refuses to go home with his owner and it's one of the funniest things we've seen. While we can't trace the exact origins of the video, we found it on the internet and loved it!

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This video starts out with the dog lying on its back while its owner tries to rouse him to leave. It is evident that the dog isn't having it. He would prefer to stay right where he is, thank you very much.

Certainly, this dog has a nice home, but he would much rather stay out at the dog park. Perhaps he is enjoying the sunny day or the sound of his people in the area. Maybe he's just planning on a lazy dog day.

Ever the patient man, the dog's owner begins trying different tactics to persuade him to leave the park and head home. Perhaps it is time for lunch, or perhaps the owner has to get back to work. Whatever the reason, we can feel his pain as his dog lies still.

Playing Dead

The owner rolls the dog around by holding onto his paws. You can tell by the look of things that the dog is simply dead weight. His paws are limp as his owner begins moving them back and forth. If we couldn't see that this dog was clearly alive, you might mistake him for dead!

A few taps on the nose here, a tempting chew stick over there and the owner is running out of ideas to get his dog up and moving. You can sense his frustration as he looks away from the dog and around the park. Is he summoning new ideas to come to him?

Big Boy

Yes, we had the same thought — pick up the dog and carry him out of the park! Not so fast there, friend! Have you ever seen a full-grown golden retriever? Well, the average size of a male golden is about 70 pounds. Again, that's average, so this dog could weigh more. Let's also not forget the fact that carrying a large dog is about the most awkward thing ever. It's not like they curl up into you like a human baby.

Personally, we have trouble just carrying a big bag of potting soil from the store to our cars, so we aren't going to fault this guy for not carrying his dog out of the park. No one has time for back pain, anyway.

Give the Dog a Bone (or Stick)

The owner refuses to back down. He has to show his dog who the boss really is. He begins walking away while letting out the retractable leash. We aren't sure how long that leash is, but it doesn't seem to be working! Back to the drawing board!

At last, the owner returns to his dog with a stick in his own mouth. This gets a rise out of the dog. It's almost as if he refuses to share any sticks — not even with his owner. Yup, that'll do it. The dog jumps up and follows his owner, who still has the stick hanging from his mouth!

If you're getting as big of a kick out of this video as we are, pass it on to your dog-loving family members and friends. And let us know if your pets have ever done something similar!

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