Dog Protects Newborn Baby From Getting The Sun In His Eyes

Mar 07, 2019

A dog named Snowball has drawn praise and attention from many on the internet recently after showing special attention to a newborn baby. The moment was caught on video and is fun to watch for a number of reasons. One reason is the special place both children and dogs have in the hearts of people. A second reason is the amount of attention reserved for newborns.

The video clip begins with a group of admirers standing around the baby while it sleeps. However, we soon learn the baby is not the star of this video.

Snowball can sense something different is happening in the home. The actions of the dogs demonstrate its understanding that the baby is important. Snowball is seen pulling a blanket over the baby just a few moments into the video. A closer look at the video shows the dog was placing the blanket specifically over the head of the baby.

Much research has been conducted regarding the ability of dogs to key into human cues. One popular theory is that dogs have developed this ability during thousands of years of evolution alongside humans. This leads us back to the apparent act of caring displayed by Snowball.

Dogs are able to discern and react to things like verbal commands, the movements of eyes, head movements, and other cues in humans.

The video suggests Snowball discerned the importance of the baby as a result of the way everyone else in the video looked at the baby. And when the sun moved in such a way that its light shined in the face of the baby, Snowball acted accordingly.

One thing is for sure, no one who was present will ever forget the display of caring shown by the dog. This fact is also true for the many people who have watched the video of the dog's interaction with the newborn.

What do you think of Snowball's attempt to shield the newborn from the light of the sun? Have you ever witnessed an act such as this in person? Send this article and video to your friends and family. It's sure to make all the dog people in your life smile!